We're narrowing down the huge number of kids podcasts out there to the ones that parents say are the biggest hit with their families!

The best podcasts for kids educate and entertain young minds in a format that's interesting and fun (not to mention screen-free). Whether your child is into science, jokes, stories or music, there are plenty of options to suit every taste. You can find even more favorites on our lists of podcasts for teens and tweens and podcasts for parents, too.

What are the best kids podcasts in your house? Comment with your reviews below, or add a new favorite to the list!

    What If World

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  The imagination of a child is truly precious. Simply ask any parent who has been confronted with inspired questions such as, "What if it rained milkshakes?" or "What if my dog could talk?" This clever storytelling podcast for kids vividly describes what a "What If" world would be like, and will surely capture your kids' inquisitive imaginations. Kids can also participate by proposing their own questions or trying to write their own story.

    Story Pirates

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  The Story Pirates perform original sketches and songs inspired by stories submitted by creative kids! This gem of a podcast for kids is funny, witty, and a really good time for listeners of any age. The interview with the author segment on many of the episodes is not to be missed!

    The Past and The Curious

    Kelly R.:  Anyone with an interest in biographies and learning about the past will enjoy the fascinating stories in this history podcast for kids. The Past and The Curious pulls (often lesser-known) stories from history featuring all types of people and presents them in a way that's entertaining and inspiring for children.

    Ear Snacks

    Kelly R.:  

    Andrew and Polly, award-winning children's musicians, feed hungry growing brains with their quirky and whimsical podcast. Episodes dig into different topics like disguises, bubbles and teeth, and feature catchy tunes and interviews with kids and grown-up experts.

    Brains On!

    Kelly R.:  Brains On! is a weekly science podcast for kids that satisfies the curiosity of both children and adults in a witty and engaging way. Each episode has a different kid co-host, and digs deep into subjects like how elevators work, how whales communicate, and carnivorous plants.

    But Why

    Kelly R.:  Why do your fingers and toes turn wrinkly in the tub? Why is the world split into countries? Why do Americans use the word "soccer"? This kids podcast from Vermont Public Radio presents the answers to these questions and more, all submitted by curious kids. Because we all know that kids ask the best questions.

    Five Minutes With Dad

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:   The brainchild of 4-year-old Pavlos, Five Minutes With Dad is a series of podcasts for kids where Pavlos, his dad Nick and sister Angela address some of the more pressing issues in the life of a child. A sweet, funny and heartwarming series, Five Minutes With Dad deals with all the real life issues that parents and kids face on a daily basis. A highly-recommended listen!

    The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

    Tim Ponisciak:  Check out this great science fiction podcast for kids that is co-produced by a father and son, about an 8-year-old boy as he has new adventures throughout space! The story builds on itself over the course of the episodes, so start with episode 1. Each one is about 15-20 minutes long.


    All ages, especially 8-12

    Kelly R.:  Tumble is a science podcast for kids that appeals to all ages, even grown-ups! Episodes discuss scientific discoveries with commentary from real scientists. Topics include how cats always land on their feet, living on Mars, and the ocean trash problem.

    Wow in the World

    Kelly R.:  Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas inspire children to put down the screens and think big about the world around them with this seriously entertaining and educational podcast for kids. Amazing facts about science are weaved into wacky stories that teach about topics like saliva and volcanoes, making this good fun for kids and adults alike. Raz was already a celebrity in our minivan because of his How I Built This podcast, so my kids were thrilled to hear his voice on a podcast aimed at kids.

    Circle Round

    yogini725:  Circle Round finds folktales from around the world and adapts them as radio plays for modern audiences. Episodes star notable actors from the stage and screen, and delve into important topics such as kindness and generosity. At the end of each episode, the host offers a friendly prompt, to help listeners think and talk about the morals and lessons reflected in the story.

    Stories Podcast

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  Stories Podcast presents performances of kid-friendly fairy tales, well-known stories, and original material. Whether it’s for free time, quiet time, a road trip activity or bedtime, it is an ideal way to captivate kids' minds.

    Peace Out

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  The Peace Out kids podcast for bedtime offers a selection of short stories which are specifically designed to help children relax at the end of their busy days. The short stories teach visualization techniques and breathing exercises which help your kids learn about self-regulation and mindfulness.

    Smash Boom Best

    Kelly R.:  Unicorns or dragons? Lava or quicksand? Pizza or tacos? The makers of Brains On! present this fun debate-format kids podcast. Each episode pits two cool things against one another, debaters make an argument for their pick, and kids get to decide which is best. Kids learn about how to defend an opinion, and get to vote for their pick on the podcast website after each show!

    Little Stories for Tiny People

    Toddlers and little kids

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  Little Stories for Tiny People offers a collection of enchanting stories written and performed specifically for your toddlers and young kids. This kids podcast is a fun alternative to a bedtime book or an ideal way to have some quiet time during their busy days.

    Book Club for Kids

    Kelly R.:  Want to encourage a love of reading in your kids, or inspire them to think more deeply about the books they are picking up? Hosted by award winning public radio journalist Kitty Felde, this podcast includes engaging discussions about middle grade books with kids, celebrity readers, and author interviews.

    Dream Big Podcast

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:   This kids podcast is hosted by elementary schooler Eva Karpman, who interviews notable figures to inspire parents and kids to ‘dream big’ and pursue their passions. With a convenient 20-30 minute format, Dream Big podcasts are ideal for the daily commute or bedtime, empowering all of us to dream big!

    The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

    Juan L.:  This kids podcast is 2 hours of kindie music that your child is sure to love. They'll get to hang out with bands like Señor Fancypants and Froggins and Bug. This podcast really is great for parents too, as it hits that sweet spot of music kids love and parents can tolerate.

    This Podcast Has Fleas

    Jennifer Bishop:  An original comedy series for kids about a dog and a cat with dueling podcasts. Hilarious and totally relatable for little ones.

    Kids Like You And Me

    Yoli B:  "Kids Like You and Me" provides a place to hear stories from children about how it feels to be excluded, mocked and bullied. The kids podcast features diverse stories of children of different nationalities, abilities and backgrounds. The premise is to let the listener know what life would look like in the storytellers' shoes!

    Warrior Kid Podcast

    Katie G.:  Former Navy SEAL and best-selling author Jocko Willink extends the message from his "Way of the Warrior Kid" books into a podcast series, bringing a message of self-empowerment and transformation to kids of any age. It's not about fighting or being a tough guy, either. Through the lens of mentoring uncle, this podcast shares lessons of responsibility, service to others, and leading by example. Middle-grade boys seem to get a lot from this series.


    Kelly R.:  Storynory offers hundreds of beautifully-read classic and original stories that will captivate the whole family. Check out Katie the Ordinary Witch and Prince Bertie, two of the most popular series.

    Sparkle Stories

    Brigitte Nohra Miller:  

    Sparkle Stories is a subscription-based service offering over 1000 stories that promote kindness and gentleness in children. The Sparkle Stories podcast offers one of the original stories for free each week.

    Family Road Trip Trivia

    Kelly R.:  My tween and teen are loving this trivia podcast, with quick episodes on all sorts of topics ranging from world history to Taylor Swift.

    Cool Facts About Animals

    Arla Rutherford:  I like Cool Facts About Animals podcast because it is funny and you can find out fun facts. It is made by kids and it's for kids.

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