Here are the best podcasts for teens and tweens, as recommended by parents whose older kids have actually enjoyed them!

Tune in to this parent-to-parent collection where we are sharing recommendations for awesome podcasts for teenagers and older kids. As you browse the list, be sure to like and review the podcasts your own tweens & teens have enjoyed, let us know if we're missing a good one by recommending it below!

Here are our recommendations for great family-friendly audiobooks to listen to as well, and our favorite books for middle schoolers and books for teens to share with your older kids, too.

    ‎This Teenage Life

    Shila:  This Teenage Life is a podcast for teens, starring teens. Episodes are incredibly relatable, from morning routines to text etiquette to self doubt. Listeners in this age bracket will appreciate the sense camaraderie that comes from listening to peers talk about experiences they might also be going through, as well as hearing different perspectives from fellow teens on all sorts of relevant and timely topics.

    Red School Bus

    Shila:  Red School Bus is clean comedy for the whole family! Hosted by James and Little James, this podcast for tweens and teens is structured like a radio show, complete with age-appropriate conversations and banter as the hosts share lighthearted stories about real kids. Enjoy it in the car, or have your tween tune in while on their actual bus ride to school!


    Alexandra F.:  From the creators of This American Life, the Serial podcast tells one true story over the course of the season, diving deeply into a real life mystery and taking listeners through a fascinating journey of discovery episode by episode. My teen really enjoyed the first season, which covered a true but little-known murder mystery involving a teen victim and suspect, and is looking forward to more. This is an especially great podcast for teens who are interested mysteries or true crime stories.


    Shila:  Unspookable is a podcast for tweens and older kids that features spooky, stand-alone ghost stories. They are perfect for Halloween, or any time your older kids want a good scare! From ghost ships to aliens to Ouija boards, some of the content can be tricky, but the stories are playful and not geared for nightmares. You may want to bookmark this podcast for tweens slumber parties, too!

    Stuff You Should Know

    Shila:  Teens who like learning about random facts would enjoy the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Each episode is a casual conservation hosted by the intelligent duo, Josh and Chuck, focusing on one particular topic each episode. From Palindromes to How Groundhog Day Works, I am impressed by their excellent conversational skills to keep up the interest!

    I would recommend this podcast for teens or tweens that consider themselves auditory learners, too, as the podcast promotes learning through spoken conversation.

    Smash Boom Best

    Kelly R.:  Unicorns or dragons? Lava or quicksand? Pizza or tacos? The makers of Brains On! present this fun debate-format kids podcast. Each episode pits two cool things against one another, debaters make an argument for their pick, and kids get to decide which is best. Kids learn about how to defend an opinion, and get to vote for their pick on the podcast website after each show!

    Book Club for Kids

    Shila:  I recommend Book Club For Kids as one of the best podcasts for tweens who love to read. Browse the podcast episode collection a la carte and you're bound to recognize a handful of book titles you may have recently read. Click on any one to enjoy a group of lively young people engage in an enthusiastic book discussion.

    My daughter just finished a popular book from her 5th grade reading list,Wonder. She listened to the podcast's quick 20 minute book club conversation and I'm sure it helped her with comprehension and overall appreciation.

    Short & Curly

    Shila:  I love the concept of this podcast for kids and families that introduces thought-provoking ideas to promote critical thinking and discussion! Each episode centers around an age-appropriate ethical scenario, from 'banning peanut butter in the lunchroom' to 'being guilty, even if it was an accident," with a review of different possible choices. Some episodes delve into heavier topics, like 'euthanizing sick pets' and 'advantages and disadvantages of smartphones', making them especially good podcasts for teens and tweens who may be ready to think more deeply about these relevant topics.

    Radiolab for Kids

    Shila:  Aside from learning really interesting facts, the best thing about this educational podcast for teens and tweens is how immensely descriptive each episode is. One episode interviews an astronaut who vividly describes what darkness feels like. Another episode takes you on a wild ride down the drains after you flush a toilet! Close your eyes, listen to the audio, and learn something new! The podcast content is appropriate for older kids, tweens and teens who can better comprehend the intermediate/advanced subject matter.

    The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

    Shila:  The Mars Patel series is a well loved podcast for tweens and older kids. Not only is it performed by middle school kids their age, but the mysterious and suspenseful content is super captivating, complete with epic cliffhangers. It's often compared to Stranger Things, just geared for kids.

    Eleanor Amplified

    Shila:  I recommend Eleanor Amplified podcasts for tweens. The stories are age appropriate for just around the time kids start to outgrow younger family-friendly podcasts, but want a bit more depth and detail while being entertained with a good "read." These sleuthing stories are narrated by super animated actors and the audio includes a ton of sound effects at every turn to set the scene in your child's imagination.

    Welcome to Night Vale

    Shila:  There are over 150 stand alone episodes in Welcome to Night Vale, a podcast for teens and tweens who enjoy eerie stories. The episodes are pretty intriguing and have a fair amount of creepiness to keep up the suspense.

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