Here are some of the best Alexa skills for kids, as well as so many meaningful and funny things to ask Alexa too!

These hidden gem commands can offer plenty of fun for all, as long as you know the right things to say!

From funny jokes to interactive Alexa games for kids, parents are sharing all of their favorite ways to engage with Amazon's resident A.I.

Let us know what's missing from the list! This family-friendly collection continuously grows with every new submission. Post it below!

    Alexa, can you rap?

    Shila:  Alexa can surprise and inspire you, too!

    Alexa, knock knock

    Shila:  You can chat back and forth with every "knock knock" request you ask Alexa. Upon this command, Alexa will be the one leading the joke and revealing the punch line. Check out more funny knock knock jokes for kids, too!

    Alexa, let's play "Jeopardy."

    Shila:  Alex Trebek's pre-recorded voice and Alexa team up to rattle-off the "6th brand new mystery clues" from categories shown in the most recent television broadcast. Alexa moderates, reads the answer aloud, and you reply directly with the correct question!

    Alexa, auto tune for me.

    Shila:  Alexa will sing you a hit song clip in its voice set to auto tune.

    Alexa, what is your favorite animal?

    Shila:  Alexa will give a glowing review of a unique animal.

    Alexa, tell me a joke.

    Shila:  Here are some funny things to ask Alexa - have it tell YOU a joke! Just say, "Alexa, tell me a joke."

    Check out more funny jokes for kids, too. If you enable the Joke Responder to your Alexa's settings, it can reply to your own joke based on popular web results.

    Alexa, play Song Quiz.

    Shila:  Play this fast-paced trivia game where Alexa plays short clips of awesome songs from a chosen decade and it's your goal to guess the song title and artist name.

    The best part of this Alexa game is playing head-to-head live with an opponent remote (though, you'll never have communication with him or her). I also like Alexa's decade-appropriate slang when you get an answer correct!

    Alexa, play True or False.

    Shila:  Alexa will quickly ask you a series of true or false questions followed by a quick fact about each.

    Alexa, open Escape The Room.

    Shila:  Try this Alexa experience for your next family game night! Alexa can transport you to an audio-version escape room! From there, you'll have to think very hard in order to solve the necessary clues to escape. Control your family's moves by speaking through Alexa. Ask it to inspect things, check your inventory, manipulate pieces of the puzzle, and even receive hints.

    Alexa, tell me a kids story.

    Shila:  If you ask Alexa to tell you a story - or a kids story, it will. Oftentimes, it will pull from an audiobook (if your settings allow) offered on Amazon.

    Check out a curated selection of more audiobooks that kids and parents love. Easy on the ear and educational, too!

    Alexa, sing me a bedtime lullaby.

    Shila:  Ask Alexa to play a lullaby or have it surprise you with A.I.'s choice sung by yours truly!

    Alexa, can you read me a Kindle book?

    Shila:  Be sure to have text to speech enabled in your kindle library! She can read your downloaded books out loud.

    Alexa, I'm bored.

    Shila:  There are many things to ask Alexa, but if you can't think of one, tell it that you're bored. Alexa will suggest a variety of skills and entertainment options for you to consider.

    Alexa, I've got 99 problems.

    Shila:  A joke for the older crowd!

    Alexa, do you have any pets?

    Shila:  The response will be a joke.

    Alexa, let's play "Family Feud."

    Shila:  Some Alexa games for kids are easy enough to play with or without grown-ups, such as this version of Family Feud. Alexa will reveal the category question and all of its answers. Out of those answers, it's only your guess to pick the topmost one.

    Alexa, let's play "Price Is Right."

    Shila:  Unlike the daytime tv game show, there's unfortunately no chance at winning a brand new car in Alexa's version of the game with the same name. Instead, it questions aloud 'how much something would cost,' and you provide the best multiple choice response. See how many points you can win in this challenge!

    Alexa, play "Simon Says"

    Shila:  Go the skills section of your Alexa app, and be sure to enable this game if it's not already. Alexa will moderate a version of this "mimic my move" activity for everyone in the room with her own additions such as "crawl like a baby" or "stand on one foot." If you're playing in a group, you may want take turns assigning an in-person judge considering Alexa can't actually determine your movement post command!

    Alexa, let's play "Wheel of Fun."

    Shila:  As you wish, Alexa will spin its wheel of fun for you! Take a chance at landing on a variety of spaces that can offer you a compliment, some friendly advice, a fun factoid, or even a playful burn or two.

    Alexa, let's do animal voices!

    Shila:  Name any animal to Alexa and she'll play a quick clip of its sound.

    Alexa, can you beat-box?

    Michael Farina:  Similar to "Can you rap?", the response is a quick ditty in an unexpected musical style.

    Alexa, open Trivia Battle

    Shila:  This is one of my favorite Alexa skills for kids and playing together as a team. This trivia game is also so fun because you are competing head-to-head with another random person in real time. Don't worry, you have zero communication with that opponent while Alexa moderates.

    It'll ask you the same set of trivia questions (e.g., geography, outer space, history, etc.). With only a few seconds to respond, you'll earn points with every correct answer said! You're earning extra points for your overall team, too (the U.S. state you reside in).

    Alexa, tell me a ghost story.

    Shila:  Alexa will immediately begin reading off a spooky story if you ask it to.

    Alexa, let's play "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire."

    Shila:  This is one of the best Alexa games for kids and adults to play together, I love it! Alexa's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire features 15 questions to ace in order to climb up the money tree. The questions are easy enough for older elementary-aged kids, but of course, they do get trickier the closer you get to the finish line.

    Alexa, play 20 Questions

    Shila:  This is an interactive Alexa game for kids where she guesses what you're thinking! For best results, select from a few easier categories, such as animals or vegetables. Alexa will quickly ask you 20 'yes or no' questions to decipher what it is.

    Parents, you may want to sit alongside your younger kids while they play because sometimes Alexa's 'yes or no' questioning can be challenging for little ones to answer alone (e.g., is this animal considered valuable to the economy?); one incorrect 'yes' versus 'no' could derail its guessing process!

    Alexa, play Official Harry Potter Quiz

    Shila:  Put your wizardry knowledge to the test with 3 Harry Potter related questions per day! Earn points for your house and climb your way up the global leaderboard. You'll recognize and enjoy lively sound clips from the series' audio book version, too. It's a fun Harry Potter fan experience!

    Alexa, play Magic 8 Ball.

    Shila:  You can ask Alexa any close-ended question and she'll randomly respond with a standard Magic 8 Ball answer, such as 'yes,' 'no,' 'without a doubt,' 'most likely,' 'don't count on it,' etc. Fire off a bunch of funny things to ask Alexa and it'll read aloud your fortune to each and every one!

    Alexa, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    Shila:  Ask Alexa this popular tongue twister for its pretty literal response!

    Practice with more tongue twisters, too. Alexa may not supply exact answers for all, but it can gear you towards a fun fact or two!

    Alexa, can you do magic tricks?

    Shila:  It may not do magic, but it does have a joke!

    Check out an entire list of easy magic trick tutorials for kids to balance out what Alexa can't offer.

    Alexa, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Shila:  I should have known the answer was so obvious!

    Tip: ask this question a few times if Alexa doesn't offer a solution to the riddle. You'll know you haven't received a direct answer if you hear the more witty quip, "hmm, I can't seem to crack that one."

    Alexa, is there anything special about today?

    Shila:  You can learn a lot!

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