Frequently Asked Questions


What is Upparent?

Upparent is a free online resource that gathers parent-to-parent recommendations and reviews for things to do, places to go and products to try as a family. The recommendations, polls and discussions on Upparent are sourced directly from our community, and everyone is invited to add to the lists and discussions with their own ideas, tips and reviews. 

How do you use Upparent?

Upparent is a uniquely dynamic website which invites user participation, and offers interactive features such as maps, calendars and filters to help everyone find the content they are most likely to be interested in as quickly and easily as possible. Learn how to get the most out of Upparent here.

Do I have to log in?

You can browse and read all of our content without logging in, but will need to log in to access additional features and participate in the community.

How much does it cost to use Upparent?

It’s totally free for parents to use and contribute to Upparent.


Where does your content come from?

The Upparent team starts all the lists on the site, and any parents can then add their own personal recommendations and reviews to share with fellow parents. Polls and discussions can be created and answered by anyone.

How do I add my recommendation to a list?

Click the “add a recommendation” button at the end of any list. When viewing the site on your mobile device, you can also click the static “plus” button on the bottom left of the page. You will need to be logged in to submit your recommendation.

What should I say about my recommendation?

Focus on filling out the “Write your review/tip” section to let fellow parents know why your recommendation is a great pick for families, and what your family personally loves about it. This review will appear on the site as written (and will help us determine if it’s a good fit for the list), so please make it as helpful as possible by sharing your experience and what you think other parents might want to know about it! When we review your suggested recommendation, we will create the final title and add in any relevant details that appear in our standard fields: address, cost, age, schedule, URL, etc.

Why isn’t the recommendation I submitted showing up?

Before your recommendation goes live, we check to make sure it’s relevant for the list where it was suggested and meets our posting guidelines.

Why was my recommendation moved?

If your recommendation would fit better on a different list, we will move it to the right place. If there is more than one list where your recommendation would be helpful, we might “copy” it so it appears in multiple places.

Why was my recommendation deleted?

We delete recommendations for events that have expired and are not likely to happen again, places that have gone out of business, products that are no longer available, or posts that do not meet our posting guidelines.

Why was my review deleted?

We delete posts that do not meet our posting guidelines, including reviews which are inappropriate or irrelevant.

What does it mean that a recommendation is “updated”?

We periodically check recommendations to make sure they’re still accurate and still a good fit for the list. We confirm details like cost, address, links, and dates that appear in our standard fields. Once we double check a recommendation, we’ll mark it as “updated” so you know it’s been looked at and possibly edited since it was originally published.

Where is the content for my city?

Upparent offers lists of local recommendations for select cities throughout the US. Make sure your location is set (in the top menu) to see if we have any local content for your area, and check our Travel section for even more family-friendly recommendations at additional US-based locations. 

And, if you don’t see local content for your city yet, add it! Our event calendar makes it easy for you and your neighbors to begin creating a customized resource for your community, and to take advantage of our user-friendly interface and interactive features to create the best local resource for discovering fun things to do with kids near you.


Are you hiring writers?

We sometimes work with contributors to help us create new content and bring quality recommendations to the site. If you are interested in writing for Upparent, please email us at to share why you would be a good fit.

What are VIPs?

Trusted recommendations from fellow parents who have been there and done that are one of the best ways to figure out what may be worth trying with our own families. 

As a “thank you” to the parents who make Upparent better for all of us with their recommendations and reviews, we created our VIP (Very Important Parent) Program. In addition to getting a cool badge next to their usernames, VIPs also get special perks such as regular gift card giveaways. 

Learn more about how you can become a VIP here .


How do I add my business to Upparent?

To keep the recommendations on Upparent as authentic and unbiased as possible, we generally do not publish self-promotional recommendations (including from business owners, employees, family members or PR representatives). If you are interested in having your brand or business featured among our parent-to-parent recommendations, please contact us to discuss available opportunities.

Can I add my event to the event calendar?

Yes! We invite our entire community, including businesses, to add family-friendly events to our . Events must be of interest to families and open to the general public. Our event calendar generally does not include classes, camps or free trial offers.

How can I advertise with Upparent?

Please read more about our and contact us to discuss opportunities. 

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