What tips do you have to make the school year go smoothly?

The kids are responsible for getting their backpacks ready before going to bed, and making sure they have all their homework, books, permission slips, etc in there, and that it is zipped up and ready to just grab and go in the morning. We sometimes need to remind them to do this, but as it becomes part of the nighttime routine it gets easier and easier!

My boys pick out their clothes the night before, and always check what the weather will be like to plan for it, as well as if they have gym or not. It makes getting dressed in the morning much easier!

Healthy snacks for school?

Z Bars

Clementines. Our school requires that snacks be fruits or veggies "in their own skin" (so, no applesauce), and while we often rotate through different fruits depending on what the kids are into at the time, clementines are my favorite because they are easy to grab and go with no effort (plus, sweet and tasty!). Though most are easy enough for kids to peel, when the kids were younger I sometimes pulled up an end of the peel for them to make it even easier.

If you have the option, do you purchase a school supply kit?


Exciting First Day of School Traditions?

First day of school traditions in my house include a pancake breakfast and upbeat music. I usually include a special treat in their lunch boxes, too. When the kids return, a large after-school snack awaits them at the table to help unwind the exciting day.

Pizza for dinner! (Kids choice actually, it’s just almost always pizza!)

Where can you get the best deals for school supplies?

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Do your kids make their own school lunches?


Do you purchase the photos from school picture day?


How do you do back to school shopping?


Where to buy backpacks that will last?

I bought my son a Nike backpack two years ago and it is still going strong. It has a front pocket which is great for little items and side pockets for a water bottle. He loves it!

Our Pottery Barn bags were great, and seem to be a popular choice at our elementary school. We never had a chance to wear them out, but they definitely were in good shape after 2-3 years (when grandma wanted to get new ones!). Fun designs and personalization available, too. I wouldn't recommend getting the smallest size (as we did in Kindergarten), as kids outgrow them quickly and they really will last a long time.