These kid-approved best camping recipes will keep your family fed and happy in the great outdoors. Whether you're heading across town or setting up a tent in your own backyard for your summer bucket list, enjoying an easy campfire meal is a fun part of the experience!

From hearty breakfasts to delicious dinners to tasty treats, we're sharing the best easy campfire recipes. Remember that prepping in advance means less effort at the campground, so think about adapting some of your favorite make ahead or freezer recipes to take along, as well as a few no-cook camping food options!

    One Pan Crack Bean Burritos

    Amanda Banta:  These bean burritos are right up my alley because they are easy to cook, healthy and a meatless recipe I can serve my entire family. All five ingredients go into the skillet, creating a warm, creamy masterpiece. Serve over rice or wrap up in tortillas and top with slices of avocado, fresh diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and whatever toppings you like. Use the mild Rotel if you want to reduce the spicy factor for young kids. From Heather Likes Food

    Campfire Popcorn

    Shila:  Freshly popped popcorn is a must-have snack around the campfire! All you'll need are kernels, an aluminum pie tin, a little bit of oil, and aluminum foil to create a tightly-covered dome lid. After about 15 minutes on the heat, you should hear the pops start to fade-out and it'll be time to get snacking!

    From Delish

    Bannock/Fry Bread

    Lisa R:  Flour. Water. Salt. Stick. That's all you need to make fresh bread while camping. Simply mix and knead the ingredients into a paste, wrap it around a stick and (slooowly) roast it over a fire while pretending you're a voyageur (early French Canadian explorer). I like it as a less sugary alternative to roasting marshmallows, especially in the morning. "Official" recipes vary and often call for extra steps and ingredients, but I usually just mix and go and no one notices the difference. From Paddling Light

    Campfire Banana Boat S’mores

    Kelly R.:  Tuck your favorite s'mores ingredients into a banana with the peel still on, and toast the whole package right on the campfire for an easy camping dessert!

    From The Kitchn

    Campfire Potatoes

    Kristy Pepping:  What do you like to pair with your hot dogs or other main courses while camping? A great option is potatoes. This recipe calls for Yukon, but you can just as easily use other options like red potatoes. The prep work for this side is relatively easy and these are topped with cheese post-cooking. However, if your family is dairy-free you could top these with some green onion or parsley instead.

    From Delish

    Campfire Hot Chocolate

    Kristy Pepping:  Whatever temperature it is while you are camping, it often drops off quite a bit at night. To warm the kids up around the fire, try this yummy hot chocolate recipe. You premix all the ingredients in a bag before you go camping so it's super easy to make with just added milk of your liking.

    From Merrell

    Pound Cake and Berry Campfire Skillet Dessert

    Shila:  Pound Cake with Berries is a scrumptious campfire dessert that's so simple to make. Use any mix of berries you want - bonus if you can freshly pick ripe and edible ones in the woods! Melt them in a skillet over a campfire for about 15 minutes to soften them up. Options also include throwing in a few sticks of chocolate or marshmallows, and/or including cubes of cut-up pound cake directly into the skillet. I prefer to serve this jam and juice over clean pound cake - either way, it's great!

    From Taste and Tell

    Campfire Nachos

    Kristy Pepping:  Often appetizers during camping resemble a bag of chips. But instead of grabbing snacks off the shelf, try these yummy nachos instead. The nice thing about nachos is you can add or take away what your family prefers in this recipe. All you will need for this recipe is a dutch oven or other heavy-duty pot with a top. I also like that this uses fresh veggies like avocado for some nutrition while you are camping.

    From Fresh Off The Grid

    Freezer Breakfast Burritos

    Kelly R.:  This tasty make-ahead camping breakfast is prepped ahead of time and can be heated up in the morning over the campfire. Hearty breakfast burritos are filled with eggs, bacon and cheese for a filling meal that will give you energy for the day's adventures.

    From Skinnytaste

    Pizza Mountain Pies

    Shila:  Spread butter on the outside of two pieces of white bread, with a layer of marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni slices in between. Toast this over the campfire for a delicious pizza grilled cheese sandwich!

    From Taste Of Home

    Egg Cups with Ham

    Shila:  Egg Cups with Ham is one of the best camping recipes for a simple and warm, protein-packed breakfast. Kickstart your morning off by assembling thin layers of ham in an aluminum muffin pan, and crack an egg into each cup as well. Placed over a campfire or a bed of hot coals, the eggs should poach up in approx. 15-20 minutes.

    From Take Them Outside

    Walking Tacos

    Kelly R.:  Sometimes the best camping recipes are the easiest. Whether you call them walking tacos or frito pie, these were made for eating around a campfire! Seasoned meat and a variety of taco toppings (whatever you and your kids like!) are added right into an individual bag of corn chips for a simple handheld meal.

    From Taste of Home

    Vegetable Campfire Frittata

    Kristy Pepping:  Usually, breakfast is a bowl of cereal while camping, but having a warm fire is a great excuse for a homecooked breakfast the entire family will enjoy. This frittata recipe is packed full of veggies and is also vegetarian. You can add other vegetables like spinach or broccoli for added nutritional value. Plus, frittatas also make for a "camping pizza" of sorts during dinner.

    From Fresh of the Grid

    Campfire Hot Dog on a Stick

    Shila:  Skewer your favorite hot dog lengthwise and roast it over the fire for about 5 minutes until it's plump and cooked through. Throw it in a bun with your favorite condiments and have at a meal! Want to get more creative with your hot dog recipes? Wrapping the hot dog in crescent roll dough adds a nice touch for flakey, buttery "pigs in a blanket."

    From The Joys Of Boys

    BBQ Chicken Foil Packs

    Kristy Pepping:  Chicken seems to be a favorite for most family members for a quick dinner idea. So next time you go camping, try this tasty BBQ chicken meal. If you don't have a pot for cooking, no worries since this requires simply tin foil to cook over a fire. Plus, veggies cook right along with the chicken making clean up easy and a nutritious meal easy even via campsite.

    From Pillsbury

    Skewer Kabobs

    Shila:  Alternate chunks of ingredients onto long skewers (we prefer metal) and hold them over the campfire until roasted through. The trick is to slice your ingredients evenly considering how fast they individually cook up.

    Choose meats and hardy vegetables that'll hold onto a skewer well. Popular kabobs often include any variation of beef, onions, peppers, sausage, brats, hot dog, shrimp, potatoes, carrots, squash, zucchini, etc.

    From GrillinFools

    Foil Pack French Dip Sandwiches

    Kelly R.:  Make ahead camping meals are well worth a little effort in advance, so you don't have to spend a lot of time preparing fussy recipes at the campground. This clever french dip recipe stuffs roast beef and cheese into a sliced baguette to create fun pull-apart sandwiches that can be packed into a cooler and cooked over the campfire.

    From Chelsea's Messy Apron

Primary photo:   Brooks Rice on Unsplash

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