Creative s'mores recipes?

What are your favorite creative s'mores recipes and ideas when you want to think beyond the standard graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow?

Swapping out one of the standard ingredients or switching them up entirely can make the classic campfire recipe fun and fresh all summer long!

Are there any unique s'mores ingredient combinations that your family loves? Please share your ideas!

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  •   -   12/30/2020

    We buy small Graham cracker crusts (in the tiny pan) and add chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate bars. Then top with small marshmallows. Perfect on a grill or oven!

    •   -   12/30/2020

      Oh yum, that sounds so good! I bet topping it with a scoop of ice cream wouldn't hurt either!

  •   -   12/30/2020

    Grasshopper S'more: made with traditional graham crackers and marshmallows - and Andes chocolate mints!

    •   -   12/30/2020

      Oh yummy!! Perfect for the holidays.

  •   -   07/23/2020

    S'mores nachos: lay out graham crackers on a skillet and top them with mini chocolate kisses and mini marshmallows. Toast and enjoy! Add more toppings if you want too (i.e., peanuts, coconut, m&ms)

  •   -   07/08/2020

    Thinly sliced apple, caramel sauce, marshmallow and graham crackers

  •   -   03/17/2021

    My kids wanted S'mores once but we were out of graham crackers, so I improvised with chocolate chip cookies, topped them with mini marshmallows and put them in the toaster over for about 5 minutes. The kids loved them!

  •   -   07/08/2020

    Reese's peanut butter cup, marshmallow and graham crackers

  •   -   07/11/2020

    Nutella, marshmallow and graham crackers

  •   -   06/04/2021

    I’m one of the odd ones that doesn’t love traditional s’mores 🤢. Instead, chocolate graham crackers and a strawberry for the win!

  •   -   07/08/2020

    We like adding everything into an ice cream cone and baking it in the oven in some tin foil. Usually chocolate, chocolate candies, mini marshmallows and mini candy bars crushed up.

  •   -   07/08/2020

    Another idea we want to try is an ice-cream version. You layer graham crackers, then chocolate pudding, then vanilla ice cream and top with more graham crackers. Then you freeze it for a frozen s'more version.

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