What is the best hot dog brand?

I never realized there was such a learning curve to picking a good hot dog until my kids started loving them and I started buying them for the family. We tried a few duds before finding our favorites!

Let's vote on the best hot dog brand! What is your favorite for summer grilling, creative hot dog recipes, and throwing together a quick and easy kid-pleasing meal?

If your family's favorite hot dog brand isn't included yet, please add it in!

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  •   -   05/15/2023

    I’ve long been a fan of Kirkland dogs, but we don’t eat them enough for the gigantic packages to make much sense for our family. Nathan’s are our other favorite, and what we end up getting most often since we can find them at most grocery stores.

    •   -   05/15/2023

      The Kirkland packages are too big for us, too, but the extras do freeze very well!

  •   -   06/25/2021

    I am not a fan of hot dogs, but my husband and older son enjoy them. Their favorite is Kayem Beef Hot dogs which is a local brand. Out of the national brands our go to is Nathan's.

  •   -   05/26/2021

    The Kirkland ones from Costco are my family's favorites! Perfect size, great flavor, and you really can't beat the value. We tried quite a few in our search for the best hot dog brand, and now we buy only these. I really wanted to like the more natural and organic ones, but they just didn't taste right to us.

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