Do you purchase the photos from school picture day?

When we were in school, just about every family purchased the photos from Picture Day. But now that everyone snaps photos all day long, do you purchase the professional school photos?

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  •   -   04/05/2018

    I mostly buy them because I like getting the class picture and letting my boys tell who is who in it. Plus I want them to have those as they grow up.

  •   -   04/05/2018

    I have a lot of family who I need to give pictures to so I purchase the school photos so I can pass out to my family. The ones I save just sit in a box. Ha!

  •   -   04/06/2018

    After cutting out 1-2 photos from school pic sheets and leaving the rest in the envelope, I've decided it's just not worth buying the whole package (especially because our school does fall & spring pics)

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