Where can you get the best deals for school supplies?

For parents who want to only hit one store for most of the items on the school supply list (while saving as much money as possible!), where should they go shopping?

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  •   -   07/28/2018

    I like the selection at Target, but I do agree that they sell out of items fairly quickly.

  •   -   08/09/2018

    I voted Walmart, but I have to give my kudos to Amazon too for saving my sanity, time/gas $, and a few dollars! There were quite a few items on our lists that were about to make me lose my mind in the back-to-school aisle. Amazon Prime had the hard to find items I needed for less than Office Depot and other places, and I was so happy not to have to drag my kids around to multiple stores!

  •   -   07/27/2018

    Target seems to be my one-stop shop. Have to get them early though because they sell out.

  •   -   08/09/2021

    For the past couple of years, I have shopped online and had good luck splitting up my list between Target and Staples. I'll open up browser tabs for both stores, do a quick price check on each item on my list, and add to my cart at the store where it's cheaper. Then I place one order at each store, and most or all of my list is done. If I had to choose one, I'd go with Target because they seem to win out on price for most items and Staples often doesn't allow a color selection online for items like folders and notebooks.

  •   -   08/25/2022

    Though I did find backpacks on Amazon this year at some good prices, I even got a protection plan on one of them in case it needs to be replaced.

  •   -   08/25/2022

    Definitely Walmart! They always have everything at decent prices but Target is also really great!

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