Do your kids make their own school lunches?

School day mornings can be hectic – there are kids to be fed, dressed and organized for the school day. And parents who need to make themselves presentable for work or whatever their day entails. With the long checklist of tasks to be completed, making school lunches is often the last thing a parent wants to do. So how does your family handle packing school lunches? Does mom or dad pack the lunches in the morning or evening or do the kids take over this task? Answer below.

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  •   -   08/09/2018

    My kids have been making their own school lunches nearly every day for four years.

  •   -   08/14/2018

    I am not sure I would trust my youngest two to do this successfully. However, maybe it is time my oldest made hers. Thanks for the idea! I guess I am just stuck in my routine.

  •   -   08/10/2018

    My oldest packs her own lunch most mornings - unless she's running late, then I help out. My youngest is just starting to pack his own, but he usually prefers to buy school lunch than pack.

  •   -   08/11/2018

    My 5 year old would love to be in charge of packing his own lunch. Fruit snacks and yogurt tubes all day, every day.

    •   -   08/15/2018

      Lol! My kids think fruit snacks are another food group.

  •   -   08/11/2018

    I had never even thought of having my kids make their lunch. I make their lunches the night before because I never know how hectic the morning will be.

  •   -   08/18/2018

    My kids have never made their lunches. I think they would pack potato chips and granola bars. Lol. But I have a friend whose kids are a little older and she makes up bins for each food group and her kids create their lunch by taking an item or two from each bin. I hope to do this when my kids are a little older. My friend has great success with her bin ready-made lunches!

    •   -   09/04/2018

      That is an excellent idea, though it still seems like more work to me than just making the lunch myself! I'm picturing a bin full of precisely cut cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, etc, but maybe there only have to be a couple of options at any time.

      •   -   09/04/2018

        She does a few options, she'll have some ready made things like cheese sticks, hummus and crackers, individually pre-wrapped things, a piece of fruit etc. She doesn't pre-make and package a lot where it's labor intensive.

    •   -   08/19/2018

      I like that idea.

  •   -   08/23/2018

    No, my kids never do it actually. It's just easier if I do it for them.

  •   -   01/20/2019

    Our oldest is in kindergarten, so I have been making his lunch. I used to make my own lunch when I was in elementary school, so I plan to have him start to make his own lunch at some point as well.

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