If you know certain family members or friends will be buying birthday or holiday gifts for your children, do you create a registry list or Amazon wish list to help guide them? Or, do you think it's bad etiquette?

I keep a running Amazon wish list for my kids so that I don't draw a blank when someone asks what they might like for a gift, but I only share the list if someone asks for ideas. Personally, I find it really helpful when my sister is able to give me a list of things she knows my niece and nephews can use and enjoy!

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  •   -   10/17/2018

    My mom always wants a list for my boys by Thanksgiving and I start pulling one together in the early fall.

  •   -   10/17/2018

    Totally agree, I love it when my family provides a wishlist!

  •   -   10/17/2018

    Most of our family tends to ask beforehand what my boys are into, but otherwise, I don't offer suggestions. Grandma, however, always wants a list!

  •   -   10/18/2018

    I love wishlists or suggestions as well! Especially for items such as books, which you really can't buy for a child without knowing what they want/already have. My parents and in-laws always ask for suggestions for our kids and I'm happy to pass ideas along.

  •   -   10/18/2018

    I usually only share wish lists when family and friends ask. I'm always one to ask - especially for my children's friend's birthday parties...because I want to get them something they will enjoy versus something they'll have to go through the hassle of exchanging/returning or not end up using.

  •   -   10/18/2018

    Yes, Grandparents ask for ideas every year. And they usually ask in October so I’m currently surveying my kids for ideas and putting together lists.

  •   -   10/18/2018

    I have a small family and my kids end up getting a few checks in the mail for their birthday. But if anyone asked for gift ideas, I would gladly tell them. I would much rather have them get something they want and use as opposed to something they have no interest in where it ends up just taking up space.

  •   -   10/30/2018

    I always feel funny about giving wishlists, but I do pass them along when people ask for them and it does seem to be something that many gift givers appreciate. It saves them time and they know that they're giving something that the child will enjoy and that he or she doesn't already have!

  •   -   10/29/2018

    We only see my husband's family a few times a year, so wishlists are essential when exchanging gifts! Otherwise we'd never know what each person is into that year.

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