Our list of the best birthday cake recipes for kids has easy ideas that anyone can execute!

Making your own cake is a great way to reduce birthday party expenses, and will give a sweet touch to the special day.

What easy birthday cake recipes have been a hit at any of your kids birthday parties? Share a link to the recipe below with any tips for how you make it, and help bake someone in our parent-to-parent community happy today!

    Confetti Party Cake

    Shila:  This simple yet elegant Confetti Party Cake calls for a handful of rainbow sprinkles to be mixed into the batter. It's a fun and easy recipe to make with kids - get the siblings involved to help!

    From Smitten Kitchen

    Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake

    Shila:   Amirah Kassem's Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake kits are available for purchase that include prepared ingredients with easy instructions. Just bake and stack 6 circle cakes each using its own food dye. The center of the stack is hollowed-out and filled-in with sprinkles and candy which makes for that fun "explosion" when sliced and served.

    From Williams Sonoma

    Birthday Sheet Cake

    Alexandra F.:  I love every recipe I've ever made by Ina Garten, and fortunately, everyone in our family agrees! This is a simple and delicious sheet cake perfect for a kid's birthday party. I love the subtle flavor added by the lemon zest, and the chocolate frosting is amazing. Keeping the cake in the pan makes it easy to decorate without worrying about breaking the cake while transferring it to another plate, and my kids love to help add m&ms to finish up the decoration!

    From Food Network

    Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake

    Kristy Pepping:  If you have a birthday child who doesn't like cake, then try this brownie-inspired chocolate cake. None of my kids like traditional cake so we like this twist for a birthday dessert option. It uses fairly easy to find ingredients and you can use different types of chocolate depending on how sweet you like it. The end result is a denser dessert much like a traditional brownie versus a fluffy cake.

    From Snappy Gourmet

    Harry Potter Layer Cake

    Shila:  This Harry Potter birthday cake recipe provides helpful instruction on how to dye your cake scarlet and gold (Hogwarts House colors of Gryffindor) using Americolor food coloring. If inspired, you can also substitute your own greens for Slytherin, blues for Ravenclaw, or yellows for Hufflepuff.

    Play a little "Sorting Hat" Harry Potter party game with your guests to determine which house they are in. Cut into a cake and reveal your house color!

    From Baked By Rachel

    Checkerboard Cake

    Shila:  A chocolate and vanilla checkerboard birthday cake themes particular well with certain party ideas for kids. For example, the blacks and whites can resemble a racing flag for a child's go-kart party, or even a game board for an arcade party. You could also personalize the checkerboard cake by using any food coloring with contrasting colors (i.e., favorite sports team).

    From Spruce Eats

    Art Birthday Cake

    Shila:  This 6-layer rainbow cake recipe also shows you how to decorate "watercolors dripping down a canvas" using a very simple powdered sugar glaze. This colorful cake recipe could be great for a painting party, slime party, or any other creative and crafty celebration.

    From Makoodle

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

    Kelly R.:  This giant chewy chocolate chip cookie decorated with a smidge of frosting and a dusting of sprinkles is every bit as delicious and festive as a traditional birthday cake. Or top the slices with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

    From Garnish & Glaze

Primary photo:   Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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