Parents are recommending the best gifts for 6-year-olds, based on the things that their kids have loved and used the most at that age!

6-year-old boys and girls are likely reading beginner books, have the patience (sometimes!) for more complicated toys, and are starting to enjoy strategic family games.

What gifts and toys for 6-year-olds have been the biggest hit with your kids? Like and review your favorites or suggest another pick for the list below!

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    Sleeping Queens

    Age 8+ (2-5 players)

    Kelly R.:  I love that this family card game was created by a 6 year old girl! Earn points by playing your cards to wake the Pancake Queen (my personal favorite), the Rainbow Queen, and all of their friends. The manufacturer recommends the game for age 8+, probably because there is some strategy and math involved, but my son played at age 6 and my daughter played with help at age 3.

    Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

    Beth Wood:  The classic game from the 60s where the battling robots try to knock each other's blocks off! Start placing your bets now! Who will win, red or blue?


    Kelly R.:  This is a set of handheld trampoline-like disks that are used to catch, bounce and throw balls up to 150 feet. They're versatile outdoor toys for kids that inspire inventive, active play, and boost hand-eye coordination.

    Hape Wooden Marble Run

    Kelly R.:  My son received this as a 6 year old, played with it every single day, and actually still sometimes pulls it out now at age 12. It's been fun over the years to watch him problem solve as he gets better and better at designing the marble runs. The set is heirloom quality, and a variety of other sets and add-ons are available so you can continue expanding the collection.

    Original Stomp Rocket

    Kelly R.:  Rockets with a kid-powered stomp launcher that blasts them up to 200 feet in the air. Great for outdoor fun with friends. This kit includes 4 rockets and a launch pad.

    Me: A Compendium

    Alexandra F.:  This colorful, fill-in guided journal is cool for kids to enjoy a little quiet time and self-reflection in a fun and creative way. Kids can answer questions (with words and/or drawings!) about what their favorite and least favorite dinners are, what they would name a shop if they owned one, and how many teeth they have at this moment in time.

    Fashion Plates

    Kristy Pepping:  Fashion Plates have been around for a long time, and it still a great toy today. The design set inspires creativity and fashion. This comes with different plates that you child can mix and match to make almost endless combinations.

    An Elephant & Piggie Biggie!

    Brittany Kozielski:  My twins just turned 6 and guess what was on their wish list? Elephant and Piggie books. This Biggie volume collects five favorite Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie stories into one hardbound book. These stories are funny reads with a lot of expression. Piggie and Gerald entertain my kids and gave them confidence in their reading with expression. Win-win!

    LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box

    Kelly R.:  Six is the age where my son really got into LEGOs. Find a set with a theme that will appeal to the kid you're buying for, or choose a classic kit, like this one, that will let them use their imagination and add on to the sets they already have.

    Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm

    Katie G.:  It's hard to find a 6-year-old (or 7 or 8 or 9...) that doesn't love Nerf blasters. There are so many different kinds to choose from that you can't go wrong. Be sure to buy extra bullets because those little guys seem to get lost and found by Mom or Dad months later.

    Fairy Garden Set

    This fairy kit offers kids the chance to grow their own fairy garden (or superhero garden, or Lego garden) in a contained space with lovely mini furniture to complete the look. Many tiny plants sold at nurseries are easy and fun to grow, making this a toy that'll keep them engaged throughout an entire growing season.

    Marvin's Magic Box of Tricks

    Age 6 is about when kids can appreciate a little magic, and this kit is perfect to get them started on their magician's journey!

    Ty Beanie Boos

    Brittany Kozielski:  Ty Beanie Boos are this generation's twist on Beanie Babies. These cuddly stuffed animals have special names and birthdays. There are so many fun different ones to chose and 6-year-olds love to show these off! Ty even makes mini key chain versions kids love hanging from their backpacks. A fun collection to start!

    SmartLab Squishy Human Body

    Jennie Utsinger:  This model contains squishy organs, bones and muscles for your child to remove and fit back into place, including a squishy brain and intestines that can even be unwound! As they play with the body parts, kids can learn what they do by reading the included booklet, in which you follow a bite of pizza through the human body. Younger kids will also enjoy using the tweezers and forceps to remove the body parts and matching them to their pictures on the poster.

    Connect 4

    Age 6+ (2 players)

    Joni Monacell:  Connect 4 has been a favorite game of my 6-year-old's for some time, and was always a favorite of mine growing up. It would make a great gift for any child who doesn't have the game.

    The Boys' Doodle Book

    Kelly R.:  My son loved this book that is more creativity book than coloring book. Armed with their imaginations, kids complete half-drawn pictures with prompts like "how will you escape from a crocodile" and "what's under the bed?" These books are great gifts for 6-year-old boys, and check out The Girls' Doodle Book if you're shopping for a girl.

    Echo Dot Kids Edition

    Kristy Pepping:  This Echo Dot is designed just for kids, with kid-friendly content and parental controls.

    FAO Schwarz RC Retro Bumper Car Set

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  If your kids like remote control vehicles, the FAO Schwarz RC Retro Bumper Cars are the perfect Christmas gift! My kids love to play with this set and bump into each other while trying to get the driver to fly out. The remote control is easy to maneuver and can go in all directions. It's a very fun gift!

    Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!

    Kelly R.:  This activity book is fabulous, and of such high quality that it makes an excellent gift! It's also an incredible bang for the buck when I consider the hours and hours that my daughter spent working on it. Kid-favorite Pigeon stars in an interactive story with numerous activities that range from traditional to elaborate (writing and drawing prompts, crafts, puppet shows, paper airplanes, games, and more).

    Lil' Woodzeez

    Kristy Pepping:  If your child is obsessed with Calico Critters like mine you know they are expensive! Thanks to Target, their version of Calico Critters, Lil' Woodzeez, is a lot more economical. We bought these for my daughter's 6-year-old birthday gift and it is a big hit! You can buy Lil' Woodzeez animals and accessories separately.

    Magic Tree House Boxed Set

    Kelly R.:  Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House books were the first chapter books that my kid enjoyed reading independently. This impressive boxed set is a nice gift for 6 year olds because it will be enjoyed for a solid couple of years.

    ABC Mouse Subscription

    NeNe Winfrey:  ABC Mouse is a good program for learning and having fun. This program is very good for all primary ages.

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