What is your child's go-to deodorant?

I have a newly minted 5th grader and after a recent trip to the doctor, I realize she is now supposed to wear deodorant. And, I have no clue where to start! So, if you have children that currently wear kids deodorant, what is your must-have brand? Any help is much appreciated!

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  •   -   09/28/2018

    I love love love Truly's natural deodorant, both for me and my daughter. It is the first of several natural deodorants I have tried over the years that actually works, and I especially love that it only uses four natural (and edible!!) ingredients. It is worth noting, however, that it is not an anti-perspirant, so keep that in mind if you will be doing a lot of sweating!!

  •   -   09/28/2018

    We use Fresh Kidz. It's a deoderant only, designed specifically for kids and free of aluminum, alcohol and other harmful chemicals. The smell is nice and does a good job although I think we may be nearing the time where we need something with an anti-perspirant as well especially with sports!

  •   -   09/29/2018

    Whoa! 5th grade?! That seems so young to start. My oldest is a 4th grader so we have not explored this yet, although he's definitely starting to sweat and stink.

  •   -   09/28/2020

    My son was in 1st grade (now 2nd) and my other son was in K (now 1st) when we had to start with deodorant. They began to stink 2 weeks apart and it hit my nose like a ton of bricks. O thought it was pretty early but their doctor recommended that we start now. So, I decided to use a natural deodorant. We somehow came across Schmidt's and we use it consistently (or else...😳😂). Works REALLY WELL for the boys. Unfortunately, it burns MY underarms. Not sure if it's a specific ingredient that is in all/most natural deodorants that irritates me but this has always happened. Looking for a recommendation for myself.

    •   -   09/29/2020

      I am sensitive to baking soda in many natural deodorants, and it causes the burn that you describe for a lot of people. Try looking for a deodorant without baking soda. All Good and Lavanila are the best ones I've found for myself, but I think it does take some trial and error to find what works best for your body!

    •   -   09/28/2020

      Moriah, I have the same reaction to Schmidt's! So we are now using Native. You can find it at Target.

    •   -   09/28/2020

      Ha, it’s so true, when your kids start needing deodorant, you KNOW it! 😂 I know just what you mean about even some natural deodorants causing irritation - I had a hard time finding something that worked for me but have been really pleased with Truly’s, trulysnaturaldeodorant.com It has never irritated my skin and actually moisturizes it! (It’s a coconut oil base.) Plus, I think it works better than other natural products at actually keeping me from getting smelly. I don’t love that you have to spread it on with fingers rather than a stick, but it’s worth that slight annoyance! I also wish I could buy it at a store to avoid shipping charges, but now that I know I love it I just stock up and buy enough to get me free shipping anytime they have a sale online.

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