Parents agree that these are the very best deodorants for kids! We're collecting recommendations and reviews for the kids deodorants that your families have tried and loved.

Gentle ingredients make them a good choice for sensitive skin, and kid-friendly designs and fun scents mean your kids will be more likely to remember to put them on. Wondering what age to start deodorant for your kids? Listen to your'll know when they need it!

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    Truly's Natural Deodorant

    Alexandra F.:  Truly's Deodorant only uses four ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic powdered sugar, baking soda, beeswax. Best of all, it actually works! It was a perfect choice when my daughter first started wearing deodorant as I didn't have to worry about any harsh chemicals, and I switched to it as well, thrilled to have finally found a natural deodorant that did not irritate my skin and still kept me fresh all day. The only downside is that you have to spread it on with your fingers, but it's a minor inconvenience for an otherwise phenomenal product.

    Lume Deodorant

    Tracy Snyder Molina:  Having two teen boys makes finding an effective deodorant a must, especially when warm weather arrives. We've had varied success with deodorants marketed toward teens but they never seem to last that long. Then I stumbled upon Lume deodorant after viewing one of their hysterical ads on Facebook. It's not a solid but rather a lotion type deodorant which comes in tubes (great for applying to stinky feet) or sticks that you twist to dispense small amounts for places like under arms. This natural deodorant is aluminum free and naturally derived which makes it safe to use anywhere on the body. My boys prefer the Silver Spruce scent.

    Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

    Vanessa M.:  Schmidt's natural deodorant is gentle enough for sensitive skin while doing a great job blocking sweat and odor. After my teen found a few other all-natural brands too irritating for her sensitive skin, we were pleased to discover this brand! It smells great too!


    Kelly R.:  My kid got started with Native's teen deodorant, which has since been discontinued, but their all-ages Sensitive formula is extremely similar and I'd still call it one of the best deodorants for kids. It comes in a wider variety of scents, applies easily and does a good job of covering the funk (though reapplication is needed some days). I appreciate that it's baking soda free, as many with sensitive skin find this ingredient irritating. I think it's also important to point out that Native's customer service is phenomenal, and it's worth purchasing directly from their website for the amazing and hilarious order update e-mails.

    Tom's of Maine Freestyle Wicked Cool™ Kid's Deodorant

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Tom's of Maine is a company I trust and my tween son uses this deodorant and loves it. It is aluminum and paraben free and is not tested on animals. It does not irritate his skin and is specially designed for boys and girls. It's a hit!

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