Savory or sweet, these creative Halloween snack ideas are all family favorites in our community!

Try these as Halloween party snacks, spooky treats for after school, or fun munchies to enjoy while curling up and watching Halloween movies together. You'll find more Halloween food ideas on our list of creepy dinner recipes.

Let us know about your favorite fun Halloween snacks below!

    Halloween Kabobs

    Shila:  Here's a good way to incorporate fruit and protein as healthy Halloween snack ideas. Using "Halloween colors" (black, orange, deep purple, bright green), skewer a pattern of blackberries, cantaloupe or cheddar cheese, and grapes to create easy Halloween kabobs. Kids will love eating them, and their little bodies will love the nutrients too!

    Bloody Bandaids

    Shila:  If your kids appreciate Halloween snack ideas that are a little bit revolting, try these bloody bandaids! Graham crackers are the "bandages," a dab of white frosting is the "gauze," and a smudge of raspberry or strawberry jam is the "blood."

    Monster Blood and Guts

    Shila:  "Monster Blood and Guts" is actually oven-baked cinnamon roll pull-apart bread with raspberry jam. Present this "trick" as a Halloween treat and your kids will love it! From Lauren's Latest

    Easy Pretzel Bones

    Shila:  Chocolate covered pretzel bones are savory and sweet Halloween snacks! The design begins by pressing two mini marshmallows onto the tips of a pretzel rod using melted white chocolate as the binder. Once set, the whole rod gets full coverage of even more white chocolate creating what resembles skeleton bones. From Simple & Seasonal

    Candy Corn Fruit Parfait

    Sarah Calamita:  This is a cute dessert! Mandarin oranges, pineapples and coconut whip cream or plain greek yogurt layer to make a "candy corn". But healthier than candy corn candies! From Keeping The Peas

    Caramel Apple Nachos

    Shila:   Caramel apple "nachos" are a delicious Halloween snack. Layer a plate of thinly-sliced green or red apples with a drizzle of caramel and candy sprinkles. Customize this dish however you wish!

    Banana Ghosts

    Shila:  Banana ghosts make healthy and delicious Halloween themed snacks, and they couldn't be easier to prepare. Start by cutting one banana in half. Then, pin three miniature chocolate chips to make a ghostly face. Some recipes call to coat the banana in melted white chocolate, and that's a tasty dessert option too.

    Frankenstein Smoothie Bowl

    Sarah Calamita:  A green smoothie your kids will actually eat! It is tasty and when you decorate it like frankenstein it will be fun! From Healthy Little Foodies

    Oreo Dirt Cups

    Kelly R.:  This dirt dessert is a classic kid favorite, and has just the right amount of "ick" factor for a Halloween treat! Make it in individual clear cups for perfect portable Halloween party snacks, or you can assemble the whole thing in a big dish or sand pail with a shovel scoop. One of my kids is still talking about the time a friend of ours did this at a gathering years ago! From Shari Blogs

    "Devil"ed Eggs

    Shila:  My kids love deviled eggs any day, but for a Halloween snack idea, try dressing these hard-boiled eggs up as... devils, of course! Garnish with "horns" and/or a "tail" cut from a red bell pepper. A dusting of red paprika adds a nice touch, too.

    Clementine Pumpkin

    Sarah Calamita:  Peel a small orange and add a celery stem! From Health Home & Happiness

    Vampire Apples

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Your kids will get a kick out of these "vampire teeth" apples made with almond butter, mini marshmallows and tart, crunchy Granny Smith apples. You can substitute the almond butter for any nut butter that works for your family (peanut, soy, sunflower, cashew). Take a bite and enjoy! From Savory

    Candy Corn Snack Mix

    Kelly R.:  This incredibly easy Halloween snack idea tastes a bit like a deconstructed Snicker's bar, and takes only minutes to throw together! Mix up a batch of this candy corn, peanut and chocolate snack mix and enjoy it over the days and weeks leading up to Halloween. A perfect Halloween movie snack or lunch box treat! From Jeannie's Tried and True Recipes

    Gooey Monster Cookies

    Kelly R.:  These adorable Halloween treats look like something right out of Monsters Inc, and the recipe uses a boxed cake mix to cut down on some of the measuring and scooping. Kids love sticking on the candy eyeballs after baking. From Lil' Luna

    Mini Spider Pizza

    Sarah Calamita:  These are sooo easy to make and your kid will get a kick out of it! From TipBuzz

    Jack-o'-Lantern Oranges

    Kelly R.:  Use a permanent marker to draw jack-o'-lantern faces on any size oranges...navel and cuties both work great. These make fun peelable Halloween snacks that double as decor until you eat them!

    Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs

    Kelly R.:  These easy Halloween snacks have the sweet and salty magic that my family loves! Choose your favorite Hershey kiss flavor (there are sometimes fun ones for fall), melt them onto pretzels, and top with a candy corn. The hardest part is unwrapping all of the chocolates, and the kids can help with that. From Sally's Baking Addiction

    Sugary Witch Hats

    Shila:  Add these witch hats to your creative display Halloween treats. Using a dab of frosting as "glue," affix one Hershey Kiss to the top of any chocolate cookie (i.e., Thin Mints, Fudge Stripes, Grasshoppers, Oreos) to make a spellbinding treat!

    Creepy Halloween Fingers

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  These healthy snacks might look too spooky to eat! Take carrots or cheese sticks and transform them into finger-looking masterpieces with a little bit of hummus and silvered almonds. If your child is allergic to nuts, you can create the "fingernail" with a small sliver of fruit, and it'll be a bonus if it looks like a painted nail! From Weelicious


    Kelly R.:  This guacamole Frankenstein is totally adorable, and I love how it's served with blue corn chip hair for dipping! Use whatever homemade or store bought guacamole you like best, and scale it up or down depending on whether you're feeding your family or serving Halloween party snacks. From Taste of Home

    Mummy Quesadillas

    Sarah Calamita:  These are a fun and healthy after school snack! Cheese quesadillas with olive eyes! From Campbell's

    Mummy Drink Boxes

    Sarah Calamita:  Use Hint Water (an unsweetened water) and make it into a mummy! What a festive beverage for the kiddos. From Cooking Mamas

    The Very Busy Spider Snack

    Sarah Calamita:  Grapes and raisins make this a fun and healthy snack! From Healthy Family Project

    Witches' Fingers

    Tracy Snyder Molina:  There are several variations on these fun witches' fingers breadsticks, but if your family eats gluten-free, check out this fun recipe from Danielle Walker of Against All Grain. These cute but spooky treats are sure to be a hit with everyone! From

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