These easy Halloween crafts for kids are hand-picked by parents, and a fun way to get in the spirit this year! We're rounding up a bunch of spooky projects and hair-raising decorations that you can make with your kids for a family Halloween activity.

Don't forget to carve out some time when you're feeling crafty to create some jack-o'-lanterns, too...we've got some printable pumpkin stencils to inspire you!

Have you discovered any awesome arts and crafts ideas or DIY Halloween decorations for kids to make? Add your family's favorite to the list below!

    Edible Candy Corn Play Dough

    Kelly R.:  This easy microwave candy corn play dough is made with all edible ingredients, so it's a safe Halloween treat if your kids decide to take a little taste! It's a great way to use up an extra bag of candy corn you have lying around. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me

    Halloween Garland

    Kelly R.:  Check out the adorable pumpkin, ghost and spider garland you can make with yarn and a couple other inexpensive supplies! These are good Halloween crafts for kids to do on their own when they're a bit older, but little ones can certainly help. It will be fun to pull these out and display them year after year. From Growing Up Gabel

    Easy Origami Bat

    Alexandra F.:  This easy origami project is a perfectly themed craft idea for Halloween, and you can make a bunch of bats in different sizes to hang all around your house. They tuck in perfectly on flatter corners like picture frames or kitchen cabinets as cute Halloween decorations for kids.

    Melted Crayon Pumpkin

    Shila:  Here's a creative way to use broken crayons and make awesome Halloween decorations for kids to show off on the front stoop! First, get the kids to peel the papers off each crayon. Then, hot glue pieces of crayons around the top half of a white pumpkin and use a hair dryer to melt the wax. The melting wax will splatter a bit from the airflow, so use the lowest setting on the dryer and prepare your work area to protect it from the spray. The result is a super colorful rainbow splat.

    Pro tip: Glue and melt crayon pieces one or two at a time to keep the colors from running into each other.

    Halloween Paper Chain

    Alexandra F.:  Paper chains are such an easy craft to make with kids of almost any age, and easily adaptable to the holiday or season depending on the colors you choose. Just cut colorful construction paper into strips about an inch thick and loop them around each other, sticking together with glue or tape. We start making these in the weeks leading up to Halloween to use as garland all over the house.

    Bat Slime

    Kelly R.:  Slime is a crafty recipe that kids love all year round, but some simple mix-ins make it an easy Halloween project! Pick up a package of festive table confetti (bats, spiders, pumpkins, etc), and mix it into the finished slime for a festive sparkle. From Little Bins for Little Hands

    Halloween Ghost Luminaries

    Kelly R.:  The hardest part of making these cute luminaries is collecting the milk jugs! Kids can free-hand draw their own faces onto the milk jugs, or try tracing some fun printable pumpkin carving stencils for this. These easy Halloween crafts look great lighting up the front walk for trick-or-treaters. From Third Stop on the Right

    DIY Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Kelly R.:  Customized trick-or-treat bags are fun (and useful!) Halloween crafts for kids to make. Let them go to town with the craft supplies, or follow this simple tutorial for a dot art silhouette design. It will be nice to keep using them year after year! From So Festive

    Harvest Candy Scarecrows

    Shila:  Check out how simple it is to make scarecrow Halloween candy crafts. Use your imagination to glue on a head, body, and limbs with a little straw tied up for flair. What an inventive way to utilize surplus candy! From Hometalk

    Spooky Spider Soap

    Shila:  These DIY soaps are great crafts for Halloween, and can be used as special gifts for friends too! Add in any fake creepy trinket to the soap mold, such as plastic spiders. From Happiness is Homemade

    DIY Candy Necklaces

    Shila:  Loop together your favorite treats with string to create a DIY candy necklace. These are easy Halloween crafts for kindergartners or younger kids to practice fine motor skills! Popular treats with holes include Gummy Life Savers, Twizzlers, and some cereals like Fruit Loops and Cheerios. To expand complexity, older kids could use a needle or sharp toothpick to puncture holes into a variety of gummies. From Design Dazzle

Primary photo:   Daisy Anderson from Pexels

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