Parents are sharing their favorite fun Halloween games for kids, perfect for class parties or even a festive night at home. Leave your review for any you've tried, or suggest another of your top Halloween party games to add to the list. Remember to explain the rules or share a link to a tutorial!

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    Pop Goes the Pumpkin

    Kelly R.:  This Halloween game is just as much fun to look at as it is to play, so it can do double-duty as festive party decorations! Orange balloons are filled with a surprise, and arranged onto a foam board in a pumpkin design. Kids pop the balloons to reveal a treat! For a sugar free option, fill the balloons with charades prompts and have the kids act out Halloween clues. From Martha Stewart

    Spider Races

    Vanessa M.:  If you're looking to keep things simple, try a series of Minute to Win it Halloween games like this one! You just need plastic spiders, straws and lung power to have kids move their spiders from a starting point to a finish line. Cutting the ring part off of spider rings is a good option for this game, as the spiders are lightweight enough to move pretty easily.

    Pro tip: use different colored spiders to make it easier to see who wins!

    Spider Web Halloween Game

    Vanessa M.:  Make a spider web on the floor with painters tape for this impressive Halloween party game. Buy or make spiders using painted egg carton cups, bean bags, or even black socks filled with beans for the body, pipe cleaners for legs and googly eyes for fun!

    One game variation is to spread the spiders around the web and have kids pick as many up as they can while hopping on one leg, hopscotch-style. For an extra challenge, have them hold a ball or balloon in one hand so they can only use one hand to pick up spiders. Another way to play is to assign points to each section of the web and have kids toss spiders into it in order to get the highest point total.

    Spider Fine Motor Fun

    Kelly R.:  Create a spider web of uncooked spaghetti noodles by threading them through a colander or basket's holes, and balance plastic spiders on top of the pasta. Kids take turns delicately removing the spaghetti one piece at a time, trying not to let any spiders fall down to the bottom. A fun little cognitive and fine motor skills Halloween game for preschool-age kids!

    Mummy Sack Race

    Kelly R.:  In this spooky version of a potato sack race, kids' legs are "mummified" with white streamers (or try toilet paper!), and they hop to the finish line. First kid to finish with his or her wrappings still intact wins. This is great if you need an outdoor game for Halloween...the high-energy fun will help them burn off some of that sugar!

    Toilet Paper Mummies

    Kelly R.:  For this Minute to Win It Halloween game, divide players into teams, and each team has to wrap up one of its players like a mummy using toilet paper. Whichever team has covered their mummy more after one minute wins!

    Apples on a String

    Alexandra F.:  Tie apples on a string a few feet apart, and tie the string of apples up a few feet off the floor. Each player has to eat an apple from the string - without using their hands! It's a more sanitary version of the traditional bobbing for apples game, but equally challenging and super hilarious. Use donuts instead of apples to make the game easier!

    Feed The Monster

    Kelly R.:  Create your own cute or creepy monster out of a cardboard box and craft store supplies, including a big hole for the mouth, and kids can toss foam "eyeballs" into its mouth! Depending on how sturdy you build it, you can store this away and use it for years to come every time you need to put together games for Halloween! From Tried & True Creative

    Witch Hat Ring Toss

    Kelly R.:  Buy or make a few witch hats for this cute DIY Halloween game where kids take turns tossing rings onto the hats - glow stick necklaces or pool diving rings work well! You can make sturdy witch hats out of black poster board, or buy some fabric ones ready-made and stuff them with newspaper to help them keep their shape if needed.

    Boo Bowling

    Kelly R.:  This is a fun game for Halloween where kids take turns using a craft store pumpkin "bowling ball" to try to knock over paper towel roll "pins" decorated as ghosts! As an alternative, you can also decorate toilet paper rolls as ghosts and stack them in a pyramid to knock over. From It's Written on the Wall

    Roll A Frankenstein

    Kelly R.:  This cute Halloween party game doubles as a spooky craft for kids! Going around in a circle, kids take turns rolling a die and adding a piece to their Frankenstein craft that corresponds with the number they rolled. It's fun to see who completes their creation first! From Housing A Forest

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