Check out these parent-suggested Easter activities for kids, perfect for celebrating Easter and welcoming spring with your family this year!

If you want to do something a little more than a basket, we've got plenty of fun inspiration! Parents are sharing their favorite Easter ideas for kids, from games to crafts to simple traditions that will make the day special.

What are your family's favorite things to do for Easter? Add your ideas and vote for your favorites on the list below!

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    Bunny Pancakes

    Kelly R.:  This is a really easy Easter brunch idea that still feels special. You can use your family's favorite pancake recipe to make these fun bunny pancakes with an adorable whipped cream tail! From Taste of Home

    Jelly Bean Flavor Guessing Game

    Kelly R.:  If the Easter bunny brought jelly beans this year, the whole family will enjoy this fun Easter game! Sort the jelly beans into same-color/flavor piles, and assign each one a number. Give everyone a list of the flavors and one of each jelly bean color, and players need to taste each one and guess which number goes with which flavor.

    Easter Basket Treasure Hunt

    Alexandra F.:  We like to welcome in Easter morning with a hunt for the kids to find their Easter baskets. Some years we just hide the baskets in the house and let the kids loose to find them when they wake up, and others we write out clues to lead them to their baskets. Both are a fun way to start the day!

    Make Carrot Cake

    Shila:  I am always baking something to theme for holidays with my kids, and my family's go-to for Easter has been carrot cake. I don't bother to make it from scratch - the boxed Betty Crocker version is perfectly fine and quick. Though, I do like to add carrot shavings and a tiny bit of nutmeg to the batter - and I decorate the cream cheese frosting with chocolate bunnies!

    Egg Decorating

    Kelly R.:  Decorating festive eggs is the king of all Easter crafts for kids, and a fun activity that kids of any age can work on together. Go the traditional route with a store bought kit and a little imagination, or get creative with some unique egg design ideas!

    Egg and Spoon Race

    Kelly R.:  It's a good idea to plan a few outdoor Easter activities for kids to burn off some energy after the eggs have been collected and the sugar rush has begun! The whole family can get involved in a little egg race competition where players balance an egg (hard boiled or plastic) on a spoon and try to be the first to cross the finish line. Try it relay-style if you want to play with teams.

    Egg Hunt

    Kelly R.:  A traditional hunt with fun egg fillers is always one of the favorite things to do for Easter, but why not get creative this year? Try a glow in the dark egg hunt with glow sticks in your eggs. Or color coordinate eggs with a different egg color for each child. A treasure hunt is always a big hit, too, with a series of clues inside well-hidden eggs with each one leading to the next.

    Spring Waldorf Window Transparency

    Amy S.:  Ok, this one’s definitely for older kids—and they’ll probably still need your help with the Exacto knife—but it’s such a worthwhile craft. You can easily simplify the design by including less detail, and little kids can still participate with scissors and glue. The final product is a window hanging you’ll be happy to look at throughout the spring season! From Bella Luna Toys

    Easter Egg Suncatchers

    Kelly R.:  These colorful suncatchers look so nice in a bright window, and are pretty mess-free with no need for glue. It's a fun Easter craft for kids of any age...older kids can get more creative and careful with their tissue paper designs! From Kids Craft Room

    Read Easter Books

    Kelly R.:  Let the kids' book choices in the weeks leading up to Easter celebrate the season! There are plenty of great Easter-themed books for kids, and even more that feature bunny characters. From The Runaway Bunny for little kids, to The Green Ember series for older kids, there are great options for all ages. These make nice Easter gifts, too!

    Make Resurrection Rolls

    Kelly R.:  Resurrection rolls are a tasty Easter tradition that teach the reason why we celebrate. Large marshmallows are enclosed in crescent dough and baked. Break the rolls open, and see that the marshmallows have disappeared! Check out the link to learn how to talk to your kids about the Easter story using this recipe, with the disappearance of the marshmallow symbolizing Jesus' resurrection from the tomb. From Yummy Healthy Easy

    Watch Easter Movies

    Kelly R.:  Assemble a fun snack tray filled with sweet Easter treats and settle in to watch an Easter movie together. There are a surprising number of great Easter movies for kids, so you might need to do this more than once!

    Easter Bingo

    Sarah Calamita:  A fun activity to play! Use all the jelly beans they get from their baskets as place holders.

    Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

    Sarah Calamita:  A fun morning activity that is festive and tasty! From Ally's Sweet and Savory Food

    Make Easter Bunny Bait

    Sarah Calamita:  Sprinkle on the yard the night before Easter and hopefully it will lure the bunny your way! From Bloom Designs

    Egg Hunt Doorstep Drop-off

    Sarah Calamita:  Secretly scatter your neighbors/friends yard with several candy filled eggs and leave this little note for them! From Just Add Confetti

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