Discover some of the best Easter movies for kids and families to enjoy! Even just watching movies with rabbits can help gear up the holiday spirit as you continue the celebration with more of your favorite Easter activities.

We're on an Easter movie hunt to collect more parent-to-parent recommendations! Please review your family's favorite Easter movie below.

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    Peter Rabbit (2018)

    Shila:  This movie about the mischievous Peter Rabbit - and its sequel - make great Easter movies for families to watch together. Peter and his rabbit family stake claim to their beloved vegetable garden using tricks and schemes that push the limit to max chaos.

    Hop (2011)

    Shila:  In this fun Easter bunny movie, E.B. wants to pursue life as a career rock star in Hollywood instead. Kids love the imaginative Easter bunny world filled with candy, an army of chickens, and a possible new meaning to jelly beans!

    Zootopia (2016)

    Shila:  Judy Hopps is a rabbit from a rural burrow who wants to prove herself as a police officer in the all-animal metropolis of Zootopia. A fun bunny movie that all ages will love to watch for Easter.

    Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

    Shila:  Clay-animated story of an inventor, his dog, and a beloved vegetable garden that's become threatened by pesky rabbits. It's not an Easter movie per se, but is so full of floppy ears and cotton-tailed characters, it'll fit fine for a holiday themed movie night.

    Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016)

    Shila:  Our favorite prehistoric characters are back for this Easter tv special that tells how the first Easter egg hunt happened...with a wooly mammoth, a saber-toothed squirrel and a pirate bunny! This is a short watch, but it's a cute and age-appropriate Easter movie for kids.

    Rise of the Guardians (2012)

    Kelly R.:  The heroes who team up to save the world in this fun movie aren't your average supers! Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and the Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Jackman) join forces to thwart a boogeyman who wants to stop the children of the world from believing.

    Presto (2008)

    Shila:  Presto is an Academy Award nominated short film for kids (literally, only 5 minutes) starring a magician and his stubborn rabbit on stage together. If you are looking for bunny movies, this one plays into the life of a hare who won't do anything without a carrot.

    Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo

    Kelly R.:  Pooh and crew present a springtime spin on "A Christmas Carol" in their Easter movie for kids. When Rabbit decides to organize Spring Cleaning Day instead of celebrating Easter, his friends try to help him remember how much he really loves the holiday.

    It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)

    Kelly R.:  In their Easter TV special, the Peanuts crew is busy preparing for the holiday while Linus is convinced that the Easter Beagle will handle it all.

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