Want to up your egg decorating game this year? These cool Easter egg designs take it to the next level, but are still easy enough for kids!

Whether you're looking for dye-free ideas or want to use your dye kit in a new way, these are all fun Easter activities the whole family can enjoy. Remember to use only food safe materials if your family plans to eat the decorated eggs. Or use wooden or paper mache eggs that you can enjoy year after year!

We want to hear about the awesome Easter egg ideas your family has tried! Be sure to leave a comment when you try any of these out, or add another favorite to the list.

    Marbled Easter Eggs

    Kelly R.:  This creative Easter egg idea doubles as a fun at home science experiment! You'll use regular oil and vinegar with your dye to create a rainbow of cool Easter egg designs, with each one turning out a little different. From Little Bins for Little Hands

    Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

    Amy S.:  My two and four year old boys aren’t the sit-down-and-quietly-do-crafts type of kids, but they do love experimenting with paintbrushes and making a mess! So this Easter we’ll be making paint splatter eggs. Probably best to do this one outside… From Squirrelly Minds

    Minion Easter Eggs

    Kelly R.:  Kids love Easter egg decorating ideas that call upon their favorite characters, and this one is perfect for Minions fans! Two-tone blue and yellow eggs are customized with goggles (one eye or two!) and funny faces. From A Pumpkin & A Princess

    Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs

    Shila:  Use rubber bands while dyeing Easter eggs to incorporate cool white streaks. Wrap a hard-boiled eggshell with one form-fitting rubber band - or use several! A tight rubber band will protect the shell from food dye reaching it. After the dyeing process is over and the shells are dry, remove the rubber bands to reveal these super rad streaks! From First Palette

    Watercolor Easter Eggs

    Kelly R.:  Use a spoon to gently pour dye over your eggs to create this cool watercolor design! The more saturated your dye, the more vibrant the eggs will turn out. From Project Kid

    Sharpie Silhouette Easter Eggs

    Shila:  Skip the dye altogether and try a totally mess-free Easter egg design with Sharpie markers. Press down a sticker before applying dots of color to create a neat silhouette design when peeled off. From Cutesy Crafts

    Emoji Easter Eggs

    Kelly R.:  These amazing eggs call for craft paint and a steady hand, and can be customized with any of your kids' favorite emojis so each one is unique! This is a fun craft for teens and tweens looking to get creative with their Easter egg ideas. From Studio DIY

Primary photo:   ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

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