We're crowdsourcing the best fun date ideas Houston has to offer! Check the map to find inspiration for a unique date night near you, and add reviews for your favorite things to do in Houston for couples. What do you love to do together when you don't feel like the standard dinner and a movie?

It's worth taking a break from your current binge worthy show to try one of these date night ideas, but we've also got a roundup of stay at home dates for when you'd rather stay in (or can't swing a sitter).

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    Painting with a Twist

     (1369.9 mi)

    $35+, depending on class

    Ages: 17+

    christadiserio:  Create two masterpieces together at Painting with a Twist; it's one of the most unique date ideas around Houston (with several locations throughout the area, too)! Bring your own snacks to munch on and your adult beverage of choice to a painting class - it's the recipe for a perfect painting. Painting with a Twist provides supplies and engaging artistic instruction. View a list of upcoming BYOB classes and art themes online, such as trivia night or paint-your-pet. Classes are typically 2 hours and no experience is required.

    This is one of Houston's favorite kid-friendly art studios, however date nights are adults only!

    Board & Brush Creative Studio

     (1387.5 mi)

    Starting around $68+/person

    christadiserio:  If you and your partner are all about a creative DIY projects, then be sure to check out Board and Brush for a fun date night. At one of their art classes near Houston, you'll get to make a custom wood sign that will make the perfect statement décor piece in your home. No experience is required, as the instructor will teach you different techniques and provide graphic options. As Board and Brush says it - all you have to do is bring your creativity and personality. The best part is - they provide wine for the class! Be sure to book your class ahead of time at a location near you.


     (1387.6 mi)

    christadiserio:  Do you and your significant other love competition? If so, then consider Topgolf for your next date night. You don't need to be an experienced golfer to enjoy Topgolf to the fullest. This "driving range-style" golf game venue uses micro-chipped golf balls, which you hit to aim at target objects on the field. It's great fun with a little competition sprinkled on top. Tasty food and drinks are available. Also, be sure to check out the batting cages and mini golf at most locations.

    Bookmark this spot as a great all-ages birthday party venue in Houston, too.

    Saint Arnold Brewing Company

     (1393.2 mi)


    Ages: 21+

    christadiserio:  Are you a beer connoisseur? Then a brewery or barrel tour at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, named after the patron saint of brewing, might be a fun date idea for you. Additionally, they offer a tasty dinner menu with a list of beer pairings. Don't leave without taking a stroll to check out their artwork, which is all tied back to their special beers.

    Well Done Cooking Classes

     (1394.0 mi)

    Starting around $59/person

    christadiserio:  Do you and your significant other enjoy cooking? Then treat yourselves to a date night cooking class at Well Done Cooking! They offer many themes, such as "Three Course Dinner," "Dinner Party" or "Specialty Class," where you'll get to make everything from classic chicken recipes to Greek kabob international cuisine. In addition, there's plenty of time for chatting, learning and drinking. You can choose a wine and beer tasting, or you can BYOB.

    Come hungry! In person and virtual cooking classes available.

    Downtown Houston Culinary Tours

     (1394.2 mi)

    Ages: 21+

    christadiserio:  If you're a foodie family and love Houston, you'll be interested to hear about the Downtown Houston Culinary Tour. Each food tour is about three hours and you'll learn about the area's history, architecture and culture, while stopping at various restaurants for delicious food and drinks, and dessert. There are 4 tasting stops on the tour. Cuisines include Tex-Mex, Spanish Tapas, Regional American, chocolate tours, craft beers and locally grown organic produce. Bon appetit!

    Okra Charity Saloon

     (1394.3 mi)

    christadiserio:  Go out on a date - enjoy unique drinks and food and give back to local charities at the same time. For every drink purchase, you'll get the chance to vote for one of four local selected charities. The charity with the most votes at the end of the month will receive the following month's proceeds. This space is very unique in Houston, too. It was built in 1882 and maintains a lot of its original character. As for what they offer to eat and drink, check out their delicious food and beverages online.

    Discovery Green

     (1394.5 mi)

    Free; skating and other attractions may have fee

    christadiserio:  Discover the ICE at Discovery Green, Houston's only outdoor skating rink. This opportunity is too good to pass up in Texas. Certain days in the winter offer discounted pricing for couples, as well as discounted mulled wine. Enjoy the outdoors year round, too. This beautiful 12-acre green park is located in the heart of downtown and has an incredible view of that skyline. Their impressive events list includes outdoor movies, food tastings, yoga classes, art festivals, kayaking, seasonal activities and much more.

    Houston Symphony

     (1394.5 mi)

    Starting at $35/person depending on performance

    christadiserio:  Dress up in your finest and make your way to a performance at the Houston Symphony. This impressive symphony's music selections will "wow" you and appeal to everyone's different tastes, as they play both classic and contemporary pieces. Before the show, you and your significant other can have dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    Select in-person and live stream tickets are available.

    Gloria's Latin Cuisine

     (1395.7 mi)

    Cover charge

    Ages: 21+

    christadiserio:  Do you and your partner enjoy dancing on date nights? After indulging in a few margaritas at Gloria's Midtown, put on your dancing shoes for a fun night. After dinner time, the Gloria's dining area becomes a dance floor. A local DJ or a live salsa band (on Fridays only) will begin to play some great Latin hits that will make you want to hit the dance floor. If at any point your feet start to hurt, it's even fun to hang out by the bar and watch the dancing crowd. Dress code is strictly enforced.

    Miller Outdoor Theatre

     (1397.2 mi)


    All ages

    christadiserio:  If you and your family appreciate the performing arts, add the Miller Outdoor Theater to your list of date night ideas! This theater is located in the scenic Hermann Park and is home to several types of events, such as plays, live music, dance, Shakespeare in the Park, musical theater and so much more. View the schedule online - and although performances are free, tickets may be required. You are welcome to bring lawn chairs. Concessions are also available.

    Sam Houston Race Park

     (1399.5 mi)

    $8/general admission; or $18+/boxed seats

    christadiserio:  Surprise your better half with a night out to a live horse race! If you love animals, betting, dinner and drinks, then this is the spot for you. You can dine at the Winner's Circle, which has a multi-tiered seating arrangement and a perfect view of the track or get some grab-and-go concessions. Which horse will you pick? Will you win any fun bets? Maybe the odds be in your favor!

    Houston Improv

     (1399.9 mi)

    Ages: 18+

    christadiserio:  Is humor one of the better qualities of your significant other? Or maybe yours, too? Head on over to Houston Improv for an open mic night! Whether it's you up on stage, just your significant other or both of you, there's nothing like hearing people laugh hysterically at your funny jokes and creativity. A calendar of upcoming open mic nights can be found online. Get tickets to see big name comedians touring Houston, too.

    Mask wearing at events required, see more restrictions online and enjoy the show!

    The Water Wall

     (1401.2 mi)


    christadiserio:  The Water Wall is Houston's most photographed location and for a good reason - it's stunning. Sit back and relax with your partner listening and watching water rush down the sides of this 64-foot U-shaped fountain. Pack your favorite picnic and beverages and sit under an oak tree to enjoy the day. You can even pack a soccer ball to kick around or a Frisbee to play with - you'll see plenty of others doing the same on a lovely day.

    Texas Rock Gym

     (1402.5 mi)

    Starting at $35/daily rate

    christadiserio:  Texas Rock Gym would be a great date night activity, especially for active and athletic couples in Houston. They offer 14,000 square feet of climbable surfaces that you and your partner can explore together. Not only is a great workout, it's a great bonding time because of the challenge you two will face together. And if you've never indoor rock climbed before, don't fret - this gym offers something for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers.

    Tantrums LLC

     (1403.2 mi)

    $35+/person (varies by time)

    christadiserio:  An experience like what's offered at Tantrums LLC is what many parenting blogs rave about - a place to go with your significant other to escape some of life’s frustrations! This is one of the most unique date ideas around Houston to enjoy together!

    Step inside a room full of old tv’s, dishes, yard decorations and other random items. You’ll release all your tensions by using a baseball bat, sledgehammer, lead pipe, golf club, etc. to break as many of the items in the room before a timer goes off. Tantrums truly believes that “Couples who smash together stay together.”

    This rage room is open under updated COVID-19 and mask-wearing guidelines.

    Houston Audubon

     (1406.7 mi)


    christadiserio:  Take an outdoor walk with your significant other through Houston Audubon's beautiful Edith Moore Sanctuary. This is an 18-acre wooded preserve along Rummel Creek where you'll see many native plants and animals, such as songbirds, mammals, bull frogs and more. This is a picturesque walk in Houston, so be sure to bring your camera with you and snap some selfies along the hike.

    The Showboat Drive-in Theater

     (1410.1 mi)


    christadiserio:  Cuddle up with your partner under the night sky and enjoy a flick at The Showboat Drive-in Movie Theater. It'll be just like the olden days. Bring blankets and other items that you'll need to get comfortable in your vehicle. A snack bar is also available for movie snacks, such as popcorn, nachos, hamburgers, candy, beverages, and more.

    New release movies are playing now! Grab your seats. See site for COVID-19 policies.

    Houston Funplex

     (1412.8 mi)

    $15/person unlimited bowling (Fridays 11 pm - 2 am)

    All ages

    christadiserio:  Throw it back to your childhood with your significant other! Visit Houston Funplex and check out the roller rink (where Beyonce shot one of her famous music videos). This skating rink is like one from the 70's but they're playing today's music that you'll love skating to. To ensure you're with adults only, check out for their Adult Night on the calendar. The fun doesn't end at skating, though - Funplex also has go-karts, bowling, a ferris wheel, trampolines, e-sports lounge, arcades and games.

    Select attractions open, see site for COVID-19 restrictions.

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