Where to buy backpacks that will last?

It's time to invest in new school bags for my kids, and I'm wondering where to buy backpacks that will last for at least a few years.

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  •   -   06/27/2019

    Our Pottery Barn bags were great, and seem to be a popular choice at our elementary school. We never had a chance to wear them out, but they definitely were in good shape after 2-3 years (when grandma wanted to get new ones!). Fun designs and personalization available, too. I wouldn't recommend getting the smallest size (as we did in Kindergarten), as kids outgrow them quickly and they really will last a long time.

  •   -   04/15/2021

    I bought my son a Nike backpack two years ago and it is still going strong. It has a front pocket which is great for little items and side pockets for a water bottle. He loves it!

    •   -   11/11/2023   -  (edited)

      We got my teen a Nike backpack on Amazon when she started high school and it's been working great - it's large, sturdy, and has plenty of useful compartments for all the stuff she needs to carry around. We're on year 3 and still going strong.

  •   -   05/27/2021

    I bought my son a Land's End backpack (on clearance!) when he started first grade. This kid is not gentle with his things at all, but his Land End backpack made it through 8th grade before retiring. It was still in pretty great shape to tell you the truth, but we upgraded to a larger backpack for all his high school books.

  •   -   08/04/2021

    Vera Bradley backpacks hold up very well. My middle schooler had hers for 3 years without it getting too beat up.

  •   -   06/28/2019

    I agree with Pottery Barn. That's where we bought ours. We have also had good luck with Justice.

  •   -   08/06/2021

    Both my kids use LL Bean backpacks, and so far we have only had to replace them when they're ready for the next size up. One of them is about to start its third year in use.

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