I always wonder when to put up the Christmas tree, and would like to know what other families do. Seems like opinions on this can be as strong as whether to get a real or fake tree!

If your family celebrates Christmas, when do you put up the Christmas tree each year? Cast your vote!

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  •   -   11/10/2018

    Our tree and decorations usually go up over Thanksgiving weekend. The long weekend gives us plenty of time to deck the halls and get in the holiday spirit.

  •   -   10/31/2018

    My favorite Christmas tree farm has Santa visit on the first Sunday of December and it's become our tradition to pick up our tree then.

  •   -   10/31/2018

    We love taking advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to get into the Christmas spirit, and put up our tree and decorations.

  •   -   11/04/2018

    I'm going to try for after Thanksgiving, but usually it ends up being later for us, and I'm not even sure why! This year, I want to go to a Christmas tree farm and I vow to have it done in early December so we can enjoy it.

  •   -   10/31/2018

    Having a daughter with a beginning of December birthday I always said I was going to wait until after her birthday to put up Christmas decorations. Unfortunately with Christmas stuff in the stores so early now my family is always itching to get decorations up so we usually put the tree up over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

  •   -   11/14/2018

    We try to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. But, this year, the kids were super excited, and we had an unusually long rainy weekend - so we put up our small basement Christmas Tree in October.... yes, October.

  •   -   11/30/2018

    We put our tree up after Thanksgiving.

  •   -   12/13/2018

    We always tend to put up our tree after halloween, we like our home to feel festive. And our kids love it.

  •   -   11/21/2022

    I usually try to wait either a few days or the week after Thanksgiving butttt...this year I am impatient so its going up like tomorrow lol

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