With school back in swing, I often wonder if other parents have a set schedule or specified time when their kids do their homework. With after school activities, work obligations, sports, lessons, dinner and recreational time, getting homework done can be a real challenge. I am curious to see how other families manage and when most kids do their homework.

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  •   -   09/03/2018

    My kids like to have a break after school (or burn off some energy at sports practice), have dinner, and then start their homework. It has worked well for us for years!

  •   -   09/02/2018

    I try to make them do it right after school. I found that if we get it done and over with the night runs much smoother. Obviously with Sports and other activities we don’t always get to it after school so then we squeeze it in when we can.

  •   -   09/02/2018

    Usually as soon as we are home from school. However, we have some activities that start right after school. So on those days, right after dinner.

  •   -   09/04/2018

    We are learning the hard way with our oldest (who is in middle school this year) that if we let her wait until after dinner, she's up way too late trying to get everything done. Between after school practices, dinner, wanting to relax, showering, etc it's hard for her to juggle it all. She seems more successful and less stressed if she works on it right after practice and before dinner. My third grader usually does his right after school so then he has the rest of the afternoon/evening to play and do what he likes.

  •   -   09/04/2018

    I usually give each kid a short break when they get home from school and then on to starting homework. Ideally I like to have it all done before sports practice since it's always a mad rush on to dinner and getting ready for the next day after that.

  •   -   09/06/2018

    I hate to make them do homework right after school, but the evening seems to get away from us if we wait.

  •   -   09/08/2018

    I feel that schoolwork should be left at school, we the parents are not all teachers or have been educated in this new era a teaching, if my child brings home schoolwork and needs help what good am I if I cannot understand it either, schoolwork needs to be taught and done in school with qualified teachers and home time is home time!

  •   -   11/02/2021

    We set aside time right after school for school work. Typically kids get home about 350 and we start about 415. We review the day, complete any work, 15 minutes of flashcards for math, and then kids read while I start making dinner.

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