Summer can either feel crazy long or crazy short, depending on how well your kids are behaving! When do you start preparing for the back-to-school rush, in terms of buying supplies/clothing/and getting the kids back into a routine?

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  •   -   07/13/2018

    I like to start in early August. Because we go back to school after Labor Day this allows me to enjoy July before I start thinking about school again.

  •   -   07/15/2018

    You are so right about the length of summer being dependent on how the kids behave. I am a planner so as soon as the school supplies come out, I’m on it. My youngest is starting kindergarten this year and is very anxious to go shopping!

  •   -   07/13/2018

    I homeschool, but I'm really terrible about supplies and lesson planning- I start prepping before the current school year even ends!

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