Each child develops at a different age, but let's hear what age you, as parents, think is the best time to teach your little ones to learn to ride a "big kid" bike! When did your kids start riding on two wheels?

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  •   -   12/21/2017

    Teaching our two eldest kids to ride a bike was more challenging than we had anticipated, and the teaching spanned at least a couple of summers before they finally felt comfortable with it. With number three, I think we will definitely be getting a balance bike first, as I hear it really helps kids develop a comfort level with maneuvering a bike without suppport.

  •   -   12/27/2017

    My oldest got the hang of it right when he turned 5. My younger son wanted to be just like his big brother and was riding on two wheels before he was even 4! My daughter just turned 5 and is not there yet. She is really clumsy so I haven't pushed it with her, but I think by the summer she should (hopefully) be ready.

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