When we're visiting my parents, we use a 30 year old Fisher Price audio monitor that still works; at home we have a video monitor; and when my first son was a baby, we used a movement monitor and a video monitor that we checked obsessively! What type of monitor did you use with your baby?

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  •   -   07/25/2018

    We've used a video monitor with our three kids, though I have to say that the quality has improved tremendously in the 11 years between the first and third!! I really like the convenience of a home security camera now for my littlest guy, which allows me to check on him even when I am away from home.

    •   -   07/25/2018

      I know, right? Even with 6 years between my first and third, there were so many new options! Good thing I'm not having a fourth, because I'd want an entirely new collection of products.

  •   -   07/25/2018

    The video monitor is definitely a blessing and a curse, but I still use it regularly because I like to hear and see exactly what my daughter is up to. Sometimes though, ignorance can be bliss. If they aren't crying then (hopefully) that means they're doing fine and they'll let you know when they need you!

  •   -   07/24/2018

    I know I'm in the minority, but we never had a monitor!

    •   -   07/25/2018

      We never did either Kelly! Basically, we registered for the video monitor and used it a handful of times. We found it too stressful to use it. We would never sleep and made us nervous with every sound. Putting our babies in rooms near us we could still hear when they got up to feed or to be changed. However, my sister is pregnant with twins and really wants one that measures the babies' vital signs as they sleep.

  •   -   07/27/2018

    We used an old school audio monitor. Worked great for us!

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