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  •   -   09/12/2019

    Three kids - 11, 9 and 6. My youngest goes to bed at 8, but reads in bed so doesn’t fall asleep until closer to 9. My older two share a room and have a 9pm bedtime. They also read and don’t go to bed until closer to 10. My oldest is a big reader and has told me he’s usually up until 11:30pm reading!

    •   -   09/12/2019

      I've always loved reading before bed, and love seeing my kids pick up the habit, too! Such a great way to end the day!

  •   -   08/29/2019

    12, 10 and 2. We aim to be in bed by 9, reading till 9:30, and asleep by 10. It mostly works. 😊 The little one is the wild card, though at this point he’s mostly on the same schedule if he gets a good nap!

  •   -   08/29/2019

    We have three kids. So our oldest 2 go to bed at 9 and our younger one is at 8:30

  •   -   09/03/2019

    Mine are 6 and 9. Younger one goes up to bed around 7:30 and older one goes up at 8:30. They both read for a while before lights out, though.

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