My kids are over the moon when a snow day is announced, but I'm always worried about keeping them busy! What are your favorite ways to entertain the kids on a snow day?

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  •   -   03/31/2018

    My kids could play outside in the snow forever! I swear they play outside more in winter than they do in summer. I hate the snow and the cold so I happily watch them from the comfort of my house. I also love baking on days when I'm stuck at home. "Kids make their own pizzas" has kind of become a snow day tradition.

  •   -   03/22/2018

    Today is our sixth snow day! It's actually nice out with about a foot of snow but my kids played outside for only 30 minutes before calling it quits. Sadly, they want to play inside or watch a movie, play Wii. I prefer to be outside!

  •   -   12/14/2018

    My 11 yr old especially loves baking on snow days. She is a tornado in the kitchen but I'm ok with cleaning flour off every surface because her cookies are delicious!

  • Anonymous
      -   04/19/2018

    I live in sunny Southern California, so I've never experienced a snow day!

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