We have all been home taking care of sick kiddos (sniffles, low-grade fever, cold, cough) and when they are just a little too sick to go to school or go out, but not sick enough where they need to stay in bed all day, we have to keep them occupied to prevent boredom. What is your child's favorite low-key activity when they are home sick?

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  •   -   03/06/2018

    Maybe I am in the minority, but if they are too sick to go to school, I want them to just rest. I try to not make it too fun so that they would rather stay home than go to school.

    •   -   03/06/2018

      I'm with you. I have a high threshold when it comes keeping my kids home so if they are truly too sick for school, then they are required to take a mandatory "rest" in their room a couple times a day. I like to tell them that when I was a kid I had to stay in my room all day and didn't get to watch TV (not true by the way) so they have to do the same. I will say that I do allow ipad or TV time as well because honestly, they don't really feel like doing anything else when they're that sick.

    •   -   03/08/2018

      I agree with you. My younger one gets too excited for "a little day off" and I don't want him getting the idea that he can play sick and skip school. I keep the TV on and let them zone out, hopefully with an actual nap or two in there.

  •   -   03/06/2018

    In between actual resting, we watch cartoons with a comfy blanket and bottomless juice. My favorite is exposing them to classic cartoons from my childhood like, "Garfield," "Flintstones," or old-school "Woody Woodpecker" to name a few!

  •   -   03/06/2018

    My girls love to do crafts on days when they are too sick for school but need something to do. We usually hit Pinterest up for craft ideas and are never disappointed!

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