What comforts or distracts your child as they are getting a shot?

Children of different ages will be comforted or distracted by different things and I am curious what works for other parents and children, and the approximate age of the child. Thanks!

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  •   -   04/16/2021

    My 10 year old son who despises shots is now getting 2 allergy shots per week for 6 months (then monthly for 5 years). The only way he can tolerate it is to watch a YouTube video on my phone and hold his stuffed animal while I sit with him and chat about the video.

    •   -   04/16/2021

      Videos on a mobile device have been really helpful for us, too!

  •   -   04/16/2021

    One of our kids asks us to pinch his other arm as he is about to get a shot, as the physical sensation helps him get out of his own head in a way that more soothing techniques don’t when he is anxiously anticipating that shot. This mostly helped during his mid/older elementary school years.

    •   -   04/30/2021

      I always pinch myself to deter/control the pain! I don't do any distractions for the kids other than grip - er hug them tight :)

  •   -   04/16/2021

    Reading a picture book while they sit on my lap has helped all of my kids during their toddler/preschool years.

  •   -   04/16/2021

    When my kids were between 4-6 years old, getting the flu shot (mandatory for them since they have asthma) was made easier when I gave them each a lollipop.

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