We all know that being smart about sun exposure is important, especially for kids, but should we be applying sunscreen every morning before sending them off to school?

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  •   -   05/20/2019

    I don’t think sunscreen is necessary for the 30 minutes my kids spend outside for recess in a day.

  •   -   05/14/2019

    Kids should wear sunscreen, however, my kids rarely do. Sometimes I try to put a lotion with sunscreen on their faces but they will wipe it off. It is a losing battle most mornings.

    •   -   05/15/2019

      Neither do mine. Given how frequently sunscreen needs to be reapplied, I feel like it wouldn't be all that effective by the time recess and lunch roll around!

  •   -   05/26/2019

    I only do it on the days they have special outdoor activities, such as the annual fun run and field days. On typical days they go out for recess for such a short time and so many hours into the school day that I don't think sunscreen is necessary.

  •   -   05/24/2019

    It may depend on where you live and how sunny your weather is on a daily basis. If I know it will be sunny and my kids will be outside for field day for example, then they will sunscreen for sure.

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