Although my kids are only 10 years old, I started letting them watch PG-13 superhero movies a few years ago. Sometimes the language is a bit too abusive or the scenes are a little too graphic, but my kids usually just enjoy them.

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  •   -   04/10/2018

    Depends why they received the rating. I've allowed my kids (5 and 7) to see the PG-13 Star Wars movies, but there are still many PG movies I am not comfortable with them watching yet, due to the nature of the content.

  •   -   05/14/2020

    It depends on the movie, and it depends on the kid. I'm especially vigilant with new movies, since I often disagree with the rating guidelines.

    •   -   05/14/2020

      This is a great point. PG-13 and even some PG movies can really vary in terms of having content I may or may not want my kids to see - or at least be more careful about how/when they see it. Some bad language and even certain types of fight scenes don’t really bother me, whereas I was much more careful about that opening scene in The Incredibles (a movie my whole family loves) that shows someone committing suicide. Even though it hasn’t always been possible, we try to watch movies before the kids do, or at least with them, in case there might be any content that could be upsetting or inappropriate.

      •   -   05/15/2020

        I remember being shocked at some of the content in regular children's shows. For example, Fuller House (rated G) is not the same as Full House. I was very disappointed to find some of the things my 7 year old was exposed to in the new version. It is definitely NOT the G rating I grew up with. There are even commercials that I don't want my kids watching. I've explained to them that once we see something inappropriate, our mind cannot unsee it. We've empowered them to walk away or take charge of the situation if they happen to be exposed to something our family deems inappropriate. Dialogue goes a long way for older kids, but we must stay vigilant for the sake of the younger ones.

  •   -   06/05/2018

    I love using the website to get super-detailed info on movie content! My husband and I filter the content we personally watch, too, so I use this for our own movie choices as well.

  •   -   04/13/2018

    Agree with Kelly. Depends on the movie and what's involved to make it PG 13.

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