Some families take the "nothing sweeter than fruit" approach, while others don't impose any restrictions on sugar intake. I'm told that kids in Sweden look forward all week to the sweets they pick out on Saturdays. Clearly, there's a lot of variation! Approximately how often do you allow YOUR children to have sugary treats?

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  •   -   06/30/2018

    My kids are both very active so I don't have a problem with them eating a sweet treat, typically as a dessert after meals. I'm probably more relaxed about it in the summer as well. I wouldn't say I place restrictions, but it's not an all-day free for all either.

    •   -   06/30/2018

      That's how I feel. My kids eat a ton of fruit and are active all day. I don't have a problem with something sweet if they eat dinner.

  •   -   06/30/2018

    I don’t really have a restriction on sweets. My kids know if they eat their food they get dessert after dinner. I have picky eaters so there are plenty of nights they go without dessert. They still ask me for a snack so they aren’t getting sweets all day long. Definitely more relaxed on my limitations during the summer.

  •   -   07/01/2018

    The "sweets" in our house are pretty limited (popsicles made from Greek yogurt and flavored with no-sugar cranberry juice, cherries and currants from our garden), so I don't restrict treats when we come across them at a party or someone's house. If we have a load of candy from Halloween or something else, I'll let her have a few pieces a day. It really varies.

  •   -   06/30/2018

    Only special occasions. But, there seems to be more & more occasions that qualify as special to us!...e.g., first day of school, dance recital, out-of-town visitors, etc. In general though, we avoid keeping sweets in the house, so temptation is pretty low while browsing our pantry.

  •   -   07/02/2018

    We are more relaxed in the summer....we don't have a daily limitation. When they are in school, we usually only do sweets on the weekends.

  •   -   07/11/2018

    My kids definitely have dessert every night if they finish their dinner and during the summer/vacation sometimes during the day too. I was way more restrictive when they were younger, but my 6yo inherited my sweet tooth, so he's always asking!

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