Go ahead and laugh, but I actually want to know! I've lost a glove or mitten myself here and there, but my children are masters of the dropped mitten and I've found myself having to fill a drawer with multiple pairs of gloves and mittens each winter.

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  •   -   12/24/2018

    I like to always have at least two pairs for each kid for when a pair gets left at school or wet from playing outside.

  •   -   12/13/2018

    We've actually had the same pairs for a couple of seasons now, which is super surprising to me! We always "lose" one, but then the kids find it again, miraculously!

  •   -   12/18/2018

    The grocery store by me had a bargain bin with preschool sized gloves for $0.50 a pair. I bought 4 pairs and kicked myself afterwards for not buying more. We haven't lost any yet, but its nice having extras to keep in the car, by the door, in my purse etc. so we're never without.

  •   -   12/13/2018

    We always manage to lose one!

  •   -   12/17/2018

    Our preK required the kids' coats to be fitted with mitten-to-sleeve snaps. That worked well.

    •   -   01/08/2019

      This is such a great idea, Shilpa! I might have to look into this for next year. For my youngest, we have the mittens on a string that go through her sleeves, but she always gets tangled in them or one side pulls down too low, etc.

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