My daughter is in Girl Scouts and recently went to Feed My Starving Children where they packed food for families in need. Since she is only eight, a guardian needed to be present for each child. So my husband went with her. He said it was so rewarding for both of them. I have volunteered myself several times, but not with my kids. So I was wondering if others have volunteered with kids before. And if so, how was the experience?

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  •   -   09/07/2018

    I think this is so important, and I have been looking for opportunities to do this... grateful for the Upparent lists that make finding volunteer opportunities easy!

    •   -   09/07/2018

      Agree! I have never volunteered with the kids, but would love to. I love the Upparent volunteer list in my market.

  •   -   09/07/2018

    I can't wait to walk puppies at the SPCA with my daughter when she is old enough! So many things I"m itching to do when she gets older :)

  •   -   09/18/2018

    We need to volunteer more often, but every year we volunteer on MILK Day of Service in January. There is a church we go that has volunteer activities for kids such as T-shirt decorating, card making and assembling packets for different kids and families who are in need. My kids love it and we leave with a warm fuzzy feeling of having helped others. But we definitely need to volunteer more often.

  •   -   09/09/2018

    I would love to volunteer with my kids, but it seems like too much "work" with a four-year-old, I'm not sure how helpful I'd be with my kiddos along.

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