Library summer reading programs can be a great way to keep kids excited about reading all summer. Signing up for our library's summer reading program is one of our first outings when school gets out, and my kids really enjoy it. Our library has prizes, coupons, and "spin-the-wheel" games when kids reach their milestones, and kids are able to choose a book to keep at the end of the program.

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  •   -   05/11/2018

    My kids and I Love the Summer Reading library programs. They read and earn prizes, including free books. Perhaps what we love best are the fantastic programs: special events featuring fun and education, arts featuring music, dance and theater and much more including science, animals and magic. All are Free, and times vary between day and evening to fit our busy schedule. We also live within 10 miles of 6 libraries so we can take advantage and take part in many events!

  •   -   05/11/2018

    Our library does offer one and I have fond memories doing it in the summer as a kid with my local library. However, my girls' school offers a similar program and they can check out books for the entire summer from school. No late fees and no having to return books makes this a better option for us!

  •   -   05/17/2018

    My kids love the summer reading clubs. They get a prize at the halfway point (6 hours) and choose a free book when they complete the program (12 hours). The library also has awesome summer programs that we enjoy going to as well!

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