Every other year, our family celebrates Christmas out of the country (someplace warm). I always feel torn travelling when so many extended family members are close to home. Given the lengthy Midwestern winters, we can't help but escape for some needed fun in the sun. Does your family typically travel for the holidays or do you tend to do Christmas at home?

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  •   -   11/30/2018

    We stay home because everyone is close by! The family members we spend holidays with are all within 20 minutes of us. We see the extended family at Christmas parties earlier in the month.

  •   -   11/29/2018

    We travel to see our family, which is only an hour from our house. And we also go to a waterpark a couple hours away and meet more family there for a weekend getaway.

  •   -   12/05/2018

    How fun to be able to travel outside the country with your kids! We either spend Christmas with my family in Chicago or my husbands in New Jersey, so not a lot of escaping the cold and snow. However, a few years ago, we had Christmas in Florida with both our families together. It was the BEST! Swimming outside on Christmas Day was a gift in itself!

  •   -   01/26/2021

    We alternate every year visiting family (usually 3-6 hours away depending on where we go) and staying home. Once the kids are done believing in Santa, my husband and I have talked about getting away somewhere warm for Christmas on the years we stay home.

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