Do you plan to (or have you) split your kids up for classes/sports/etc to try and have them form different friend groups apart from one another?

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  •   -   04/01/2019

    I have a friend who intentionally split up her boys for some classes because she wants them to have their own friend groups. This intrigued me, so I'm curious to know what other moms do. My kids are together all the time (we homeschool), but they're also 4 years apart, so they're in different levels of activities by default.

  •   -   04/17/2019

    100 percent yes! I remember in high school there were three sisters. One was into sports, one was into art and the third was into acting. They each had their talent and each felt they owned this category. Now that I have three girls, I love how they each chose something different as their talent. We have one swimmer, one actress and one soccer star. I feel this makes them each feel special.

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