These days I feel like an Uber driver! I spend a good portion of the week traveling to and from kids activities. So I wonder as parents, do you put a limit on how many activities your children/child can do in one season?
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  •   -   06/14/2018

    My limit for my 8 year old is one activity at a time of his choice (always a sport so far), plus piano lessons (my choice).

    •   -   06/15/2018

      I like the idea of this one choice for a child, one choice for a parent! That is a great idea! And who knows maybe the parent-chosen activity is the one the child will end up liking more than the one they picked.

  •   -   06/14/2018

    I am starting a strict limit now after we had a stretch of three overlapping activities for my older son and it was crazy. I told my kids from now they will be doing only two activities at a time.

  •   -   06/15/2018

    It can get a little hectic with all three kids in multiple activities at once. We limit our kids to two activities at a time. They just get too tired when they are involved in more, and honestly, so do I!

    •   -   06/15/2018

      We have three as well so I hear you! I am still trying to find the balance between overload and letting them explore new sports and activities.

  •   -   06/16/2018

    We are quickly learning that the older our kids get, the more involved the commitment for each activity there is i.e.: a weekly cross country practice will turn to 4 practices and a meet each week this fall. With the more time intensive commitments, we are definitely going to need to limit each child's activity to one or two per season.

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