Maybe it is the fact that Target puts out cleaning supplies post the holidays or the several Facebook posts I see about decluttering in the new year, but we always clean as a family after the holidays. We find it is a good time to clean out the art closet, kids' bedrooms and organize the kitchen pantry.

Does your family do spring cleaning?

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  •   -   01/04/2019

    I am guilty of hanging on to way many things that we probably don't need. However, there's something about this time of year that gets me in the mood of wanting to clean and purge. I wouldn't say the kids are willing helpers but they have to do their share of organizing their rooms and picking up.

  •   -   01/04/2019

    I feel like I’m always doing spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning and winter cleaning at my house! It never ends. Maybe one day I’ll get the whole family involved.

    •   -   01/04/2019

      That’s the story here too — I’ve spent the past 2-3 years purging different areas of our home, and it feels GOOD!

    •   -   01/04/2019

      Same here--we have all seasons cleaning, but mom is usually the one responsible for it!

  •   -   01/03/2019

    I wish I could say yes, and maybe I will once my kids are a little older. But for now, I am the cleaner and my kids are the mess makers.

  •   -   01/05/2019

    January is the best time for "spring cleaning" because we are stuck inside anyway, we have to make room for new Christmas toys, and it is usually time to size up all the kids clothes (they've outgrown their back to school clothes). My husband and big kids help, but my little two get a pass because they want to hang onto every little thing!

    •   -   01/14/2019

      I've been January cleaning for two weeks! I love hearing that I'm not the only one who uses this time to clear out and freshen up. I don't ask my kids to help much because they wouldn't want to throw or giving anything away!

    •   -   01/06/2019

      I agree with this! January is an ideal time for "spring cleaning" in our house, too. January is the last of our stretch of 4 kid birthdays in 4 months and, of course, we are still trying to find homes for all of the new Christmas toys so there is a lot of work to be done! Our oldest will sometimes help, but it is mostly mom and dad at this point.

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