Do you have any beach hacks & tips for families?

A day at the beach with kids usually means at least some planning, and lugging a ton of stuff for the beach, to make sure you’ll have everything you need to be comfortable and have fun.

But there are ways to make a family beach day easier!

What are some beach hacks or tips you’ve picked up that make the planning, packing and day at the beach go just a little bit smoother for your family?

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  •   -   06/03/2022

    I use old flat bed sheets as beach blankets. I always pack icy cold water bottles and ice packs in insulated bags with fresh fruit and snacks. In my beach bag, I always keep kids sand/water toys, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, hand soap, hair ties, lotion, band aids/emergency kit, napkins, tissues and bug spray. Don't forget beach towels, sunglasses and spare swimsuits!

  •   -   06/02/2022

    If you can find beach chairs with straps for carrying on your back, it makes the trip to and from the car so much easier!

  •   -   06/02/2022

    Bring a garbage bag! Better yet, always keep one in the car as a back up. This is something I often forget to pack and always regret it when I do. They are handy for discarding your own trash throughout the day, of course, but my kids also love bringing our “grabbers” for impromptu beach clean ups, too.

  •   -   06/02/2022

    We keep an old plastic milk jug or two filled with water in the trunk of our car for a last clean up in the parking lot before we all get into the car to head home. Beware, though! Some milk jug tops are stronger than others so reuse ones that are less likely to pop off and spill all over your trunk.

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