So many parents are divided on the topic of cloth diapers- whether it's over the up-front cost, the upkeep, or the potential for environmental impact of cloth versus disposable.

Has your family used cloth diapers, and if so, did you find them worthwhile?

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  •   -   12/23/2017

    I was skeptical about using cloth diapers - particularly the added hassle and work involved in cleaning them - but the significant cost savings convinced us to give them a try. I'm so glad we gave them a shot, because we ended up being really happy with the experience. For us, it was definitely worth it.

    •   -   12/27/2017

      The cost was a huge factor for us too- we inherited a lot of supplies, so were able to cloth diaper at least five kids across our family for a small investment!

      •   -   12/27/2017

        We diapered both of our kids with (mostly) the same supplies, so the cost savings were even more significant in the long run for us, too!

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