Who makes the Valentines?

Do your kids craft their own sweet holiday greetings, or do you do it for them? Plenty of parents take on a supervisory role to help their kids finish projects, and the looming deadline on this one has a lot of us stressing out! Whether it's coaxing them to sign paper valentines, or getting them involved in creating Valentine favors for school, clubs, or other activities, who does the work?

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  •   -   02/09/2018

    We seem to be buying more store-bought Valentines as my kids get older. They help pick out what they want at the store and write them out to their classmates. All I have to do now if pay for it!

    •   -   02/12/2018

      That sounds like a good deal, I'm looking forward to when my kids can manage it on their own too!

  •   -   02/12/2018

    I handle it for now because my daughter is too young to help out with the school cards.

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