Help your child share the love with these fun and unique Valentine favors for school, recommended by parents!

Choose your favorite festive treat to add on to store-bought cards for the class, to provide inspiration to create your own easy DIY Valentines, or to hand out as school Valentine party favors. The kids won't miss the candy at all with these sweet V-Day gift ideas!

What are your favorite small Valentine's Day favors for school? Vote for the best ones below, or suggest a new idea for the list.

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    Heart Mold Crayons

    Kristy Pepping:  Do you have a lot of broken crayons laying around? Are the kids complaining they are bored during these winter weekends? If so, buy this mini muffin pan, grab your broken crayons and create melted heart-shaped crayons for a fun and easy craft. Kids will enjoy a fun art project and then passing these unique creations out as Valentine favors for school.

    Heart Shaped Paper Clips

    Kristy Pepping:  These inexpensive heart paper clips are useful Valentine favors for school. Kids can use them as bookmarks in notebooks, planners, chapter books, and more!

    Cootie Catchers

    Dawn Denning:  A traditional Valentine's Day card that doubles as a class favor! My kiddos love making cootie catchers at home, so they would love to get a V-Day inspired one at school! (Cootie catchers pretend to predict the future and say silly things.)

    Bloomin Mini Seed Cards

    Erynn:  Not only are these Valentine's cards completely adorable, they also help the environment and won't be left to the landfill after the holiday season ends. Each card contains seeds inside its paper, so the recipient only has to follow the enclosed directions to plant and grow their very own wildflowers.

    Other options let you take a DIY approach, like these Bloomin seed paper hearts! Just be sure to add a note telling your Valentine how to use them (and not to taste-test).

    Valentine Crazy Loop Straws

    Kristy Pepping:  I was put in charge of my preschooler's class celebration and was tasked with bringing in Valentine party favors. These straws are what I selected. I liked the fact that they could be used more than once and would make a fun addition to a child's favorite drink.

    Sweet Treat Squishies

    Alexandra F.:  These slow-rising squishy keychains are perfect Valentine favors for most any school-aged kid. Something to hang on their backpack? Check. Satisfyingly squishy toy? Check. "Sweet" theme that lends itself easily to a cute Valentine's poem? Check! Really, you can't lose with this one.

    Emoji Pencil Sharpeners

    Amanda Banta:  If your kid has been through at least one year of elementary school then you likely have pencils from every holiday. While these are great to have around because my kids go through pencils quickly, the one thing I never can find is the pencil sharpener. To combat that, I'm sending sharpeners along with my boys' Valentines this year. I'm sure at least one kid will be sending in themed pencils and everyone can go home with something that can sharpen it as well.


    Katie G.:  Let the kids pass out these adorable mini play-doh cans as Valentine favors for school. With festive colors and a cute, mini size, these are perfect for kids of all ages.

    Cupcake Magnetic Bookmarks

    Kelly R.:  I love these little magnetic bookmarks as Valentine's Day favors for school because they're cute and sweet, but still general enough to be used all year round. They come in all different themes and styles to match your kids' Valentines, but this brand is my favorite for durability!

    Heart Bubble Wands

    Katie G.:  Kids love bubbles! These cute bubbles with heart-shaped wands are the perfect size for little hands. Ideal Valentine favors for preschool. Add a cute message to a card and make them a Valentine or hand out separately.

    Silly Putty

    Alexandra F.:  Who can resist that stretchy, gooey putty from our own childhood? Answer: no one, not even your older elementary school kids! Silly putty is also a great manipulative Valentine favor for little hands that might have trouble keeping still for very long!

    Airplane Gliders

    Steff Allison:  I love these small, foam airplanes. I gave out last year and both kids and adults went crazy over them. Airplane competition anyone?! They were such a hit, I'm giving them out again this year. My sons (5 & 8) saw them arrive and have been asking for them.

    Metallic Silver Sharpie

    Alexandra F.:  For older kids, metallic or glittery markers are Valentine favors that are both fun and useful, helping to up their decorating game!

    Stackable Bear Pencils

    Sarah Calamita:  A "You are Beary Sweet" Valentine Card pairs well with these cute gummy bear pencils.

    Lip Smackers

    Sarah Calamita:  I love non-candy options, especially for the little ones. Fun chapsticks are a good gift for 3+ and paired with a cute card and washi tape make for a really fun Valentine's exchange.

    Elmer's School Glue Sticks

    Kelly R.:  Valentine's Day happens to hit around the time when the classroom supplies start running low, and a DIY Valentine with an "I'm Stuck on You!" sentiment accompanied by a glue stick is a cute way to replenish!

    Motivational Small Notebooks

    Mommyx3 (Monique H):  I actually ordered these for my daughter's class this year for Valentines Day. Each journal cover has an inspiring message while on the inside there are blank pages where the child can simply draw or maybe journal things daily.


    Alexandra F.:  I’m not a huge fan of pencils as kids favors generally (we just get way too many), but the exception has always been “special” pencils, with scented pencils being the most special of all! I feel like kids automatically love any scented stationary/school supplies, making these sweet-smelling pencils perfect Valentine favors for school.

    Miniature Wild Animal Toys

    Alexandra F.:  I love it when my kids get favors they can use over and over again, and miniature animals are a great option for preschoolers and younger kids. Add a cute "wild about you" message and your school valentines are set! If you are willing to splurge a bit, we really like the quality of these Wild Republic mini animals - not quite as good as Schleich, but better than most other animal figurines, and smaller (and cheaper!) than most Schleich toys.

    Matchbox Cars

    Sarah Calamita:  Any little boy would love to receive a matchbox car! The "I Wheelie Like You" cards are so cute and leave a little spot for the cars!

    Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Bookmarks

    Kelly R.:  Each of the scratch art bookmarks in this party pack comes complete with its own stylus, so you can include a complete DIY craft with each Valentine.

    Origami Conversation Heart Bookmarks

    Kelly R.:  This easy origami for kids uses simple technique to create a cute heart-shaped bookmark that slides onto the corner of a page. Kids can add their own sweet sentiments for a conversation heart style and hand them out to classmates as special and useful Valentine favors for school. From Pink Stripey Socks

    Mini Dinosaurs

    Sarah Calamita:  A "You are Dinomite" card pairs well with these cute little dinos.

    Pop Bracelets

    Alexandra F.:  These pop it toys are such a hit with my kids (and all kids, as far as I can tell!), and these little bracelets are an easy way for them to carry the pop it fun with them wherever they go. We'll be handing these out to my son's kindergarten classmates this year.

    Heart Sunglasses

    Sarah Calamita:  Cute heart sunglasses paired with a valentine "Valentine, you brighten my day!"

    Light Up Rings

    Sarah Calamita:  These cute light up rings are the best! The Ever Co has the best Valentine printables, one says "You light up my whole world".

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