What's your maximum dollar limit for a kid's holiday gift?

Toys aren't cheap, and neither are the other things we gift kids--clothing, trips, experiences--but parents always end up spending more than they'd planned on holidays!

What's your ideal cash limit per kid, if any, this holiday season? What's the max you're willing to spend on a gift?

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  •   -   11/17/2018

    This is a hard one. Things just keep getting more expensive and as my kids get older they want more expensive things. We try to stay in a limit but usually go over.

  •   -   11/17/2018

    Personally, I hope to keep my spending under $100 per kid--and that includes a few smaller items/toys plus a family membership type gift to a place they love.

  •   -   11/20/2018

    I love this poll because it requires me to be more deliberate about spending. As my little people get older, I need to pay closer attention since everything seems to get more expensive!

  •   -   11/17/2020

    I say my limit is around $100-$200 per gift but not per child, I don't really have a limit per say its just whatever I have to spend I spend and its always definitely way to much but yet I do it every year. Growing up on Christmas morning under the tree was full of presents for my brother and I. We got a lot of stuff and I do the same for my children. I figure it only comes once a year and they are only kids once so I want them to enjoy their childhood plus I don't buy them much toys throughout the year except for on their birthday so I make up for it on Christmas and basically get them all their toys for the year.

    •   -   11/17/2020

      It’s always so exciting for kids to see the gifts piled up under the tree for Christmas!! Depending on their ages (though really it works for most!) I’ve realized that the very act of unwrapping a new package is a huge part of the excitement, so whenever I can, I wrap gifts in as many separate packages as possible so they have more to open - even if it’s really a single gift or set! 😃

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