What's the longest road trip you've taken with your little ones?

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  •   -   02/18/2018

    Every year we drive to Door County, WI which is about 5 or 6 hours from our house. We do stop a lot along the way, which helps! The other one we have take is from Arizona to Southern California and I think that was around 5 or 6 hours as well. As long as you plan for bathroom breaks, lots of snacks and things to keep kids busy during the car ride, it works out well!

  •   -   02/19/2018

    Most of our "long" road trips are 6-7 hours long to visit family. We hear a lot of "Are we there yet's?", but keeping the kids busy in the car is key. I pack a lot of snacks they don't get much, activity books, reading books and DVD's from the Library. As they get older it's starting to get easier

  •   -   02/19/2018

    When my 1st baby was 3 weeks old, I moved back to my hometown (by myself as hubby was away with the military), which was a 14 hour drive. I took it slow, and made it a 2 day journey with lots of stops! Since then, my 4 kids and I have made that same trip many times to visit my in-laws (sometimes with my husband, sometimes on our own). My personal mantra is, "We'll get there when we get there", and I've learned to pack lots of snacks, books, and activities. Stopping midway at a hotel with a pool is our favorite thing to do on long trips!

  •   -   06/29/2018

    My in-laws live over 15 hours from us. Adding a tiny person makes that trip several hours longer. We've found that it works better to split it into multiple days of driving, and to do as much of that driving in the evening hours (after bedtime) as possible! Thankfully, our toddler is an amazing traveler. Hoping his little brother on the way does just as well!

  •   -   06/18/2018

    The longest we've done is about 6.5 hours (with a couple of rest breaks) and I do find it tough. My oldest gets carsick, so he can't do books or movies, and I have a hard time coming up with ways to keep him entertained - there are only so many snacks one can eat!

  •   -   11/02/2021

    We do long road trips most summers. My first grader has developed some carsick tendencies so we have to watch where she sits and remind her to look up and out the window. We have driven many places which has granted us so really cool road side attraction discoveries.

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