We're pinning all of the best road trip pitstops for kids on this interactive map! Parents brake for these quirky, unique and fun roadside attractions perfect for a quick stop to let off energy, recharge for the next leg of the trip, maybe even restock on those road trip snacks.

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    Wonderful Wizard of Oz Playground

     (49.7 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Watkins Regional Park is home to a destination-worthy Wizard of Oz playground. Families can walk the yellow brick road, explore Dorothy's farm house and the Emerald City, spin in the poppy field, and slide down ruby slippers. The park also has a carousel, train and mini golf.

    Luray Caverns

     (74.2 mi)

    $32/adult, $16/child

    Nancy L.:  Take a tour to uncover the history and geology at the heart of this beautiful limestone creation, still growing at a rate of one cubic inch every 120 years. Additional attractions include an adventure rope course and a garden maze - great to burn some energy while on the road!

    Haines Shoe House

     (87.8 mi)

    First day of Spring-October

    $5/person (age 6+)

    Kelly R.:  Built in the 40s by a shoe salesman as an advertisement, Haines Shoe House is the perfect pit stop for families headed through Pennsylvania. Tour the five-story house and enjoy an ice cream shop serving local scoops.

    World of Little League Museum

     (154.5 mi)

    $8/adult, $4/child

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Celebrate the history of little league baseball and softball at the World of Little League Museum. Check out hundreds of memorabilia and artifacts as you tour the venue while engaging in interactive and fun exhibits including special exhibits focused on the World Series.

    Valley Forge National Historical Park

     (159.9 mi)


    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  The site of the winter encampment during the Revolutionary War is home to Washington's headquarters, a beautiful memorial chapel, soldiers' huts and much more. It's easy to spend a day enjoying miles of trails, ranger-led tours, living history experiences and a renovated Visitor Center. If you're short on time, a drive along the tour loop can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

    Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

     (204.4 mi)

    April 1-November 30

    $10/adult, $7.50/child

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Travel via mine car 300 feet into the earth to explore a restored hard coal mine. You'll be guided on a 1 hour walking underground tour to learn about the mining experience.

    Steamtown National Historic Site

     (205.6 mi)

    Free admission, $6 train rides

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  One of the best pit stops for kids who love trains, learn about the history of steam locomotives through exhibits, film, and up-close experiences. For a small fee, you can also hop on a short train ride!

    Bushkill Falls

     (223.1 mi)

    $15+/adult, $9/child

    Nancy L.:  Bushkill Falls is a series of eight privately-owned waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains. In addition to hiking the trails, there's fishing, gemstone mining, a maze and a snack bar. This relaxing spot makes a fun destination or a great place to take a pit stop with kids during a long car trip.

    Taughannock Falls

     (249.0 mi)


    Yoli B:  Taughannock Falls is a 215 foot natural waterfall that is surrounded by 400 foot cliffs and mature trees. It is amazing to experience anytime of the year, but if you have a chance go in the fall...it is breathtaking!

    PEZ Visitor Center

     (346.1 mi)

    $5/adult, $4/child

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  PEZ fans will enjoy checking out the biggest collection of PEZ memorabilia, the world's largest PEZ dispenser, interactive activities, and taking a peek at the production area where the dispensers and candy are packaged.

    Field of Corn

     (396.8 mi)


    Kelly R.:  This art installation in Dublin, Ohio arranges 109 human-sized concrete ears of corn into neat rows as a nod to the area's farming history.

    Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

     (399.2 mi)


    Nancy L.:  Wander among over 30 bronze statues celebrating Dr. Seuss' beloved characters at this sculpture garden located outside of the Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum. If you have time for more than a quick stop, don't miss the museum itself. Paid admission gets you entry to all 5 Springfield Museums in the complex.

    Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

     (410.5 mi)

    $9/adult, $6/child

    Tracy Snyder Molina:  The Carle collects and celebrates picture books and illustrations from around the world. Spend an hour or two exploring the rotating art exhibitions, reading library and hands-on art studio, and enjoy a picnic on the museum grounds.

    Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

     (421.6 mi)

    $13+/adult, $5+/child

    Tim Ponisciak:  If your kids are learning about the US Presidents, check out the Rutherford B. Hayes Center, and let them get acquainted with one of America's lesser known presidents. This is a great place to stop if you are driving along the Ohio Turnpike (perhaps visiting Cleveland with kids).

    Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

     (470.5 mi)

    $5/adult, kids free

    Sue Krawitz Tandoc:  Take an hour-long pit stop at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory to see how the bears are made on a factory tour, shop for Vermont-made products, and even design your own bear.

    Albanese Candy Store and Factory

     (697.6 mi)


    Kristy Pepping:  If you're in Northern Indiana (perhaps coming or going from a Chicago visit), make a pit stop at the Albanese Factory Outlet for a peek at how the candy is made, including their famous gummi bears.

    World's Largest Things Collection

     (727.5 mi)


    Kelly R.:  The quaint one-stoplight town of Casey, IL looms large with a collection of enormous objects, many of which are certified as the world's biggest. You'll find a larger-than-life wind chime, working mailbox, teeter totter, mousetrap and much more scattered around town.

    Ave Maria Grotto

     (728.8 mi)

    $10/adult, $7-8/child

    Kristy Pepping:  Located on the grounds of the St. Bernard Abbey is an amazing collection of 125 miniature reproductions of religious and secular buildings, lovingly constructed by one of the Abbey's monks of stone, cement and donated objects.

    Al Johnson's

     (790.6 mi)

    Goats late May-mid October

    Molly Weber:  If you're in Door County with kids, plan a pit stop at Al Johnson's to check out the goats grazing on the restaurant's grassy roof. Visit when you're hungry to enjoy Swedish favorites served by employees dressed in traditional garb.

    Lincoln Home

     (843.3 mi)

    $2 parking

    Kristy Pepping:  If your road trip takes you through central Illinois, take a free guided tour of President Lincoln's home, where the Lincoln family lived for 17 years.

    Laumeier Sculpture Park

     (895.7 mi)


    Kelly R.:  A beautiful park with plenty of room to wander and check out 70+ large-scale works of art, including a giant eyeball.

    John Deere Pavilion

     (917.9 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Kids (and adults!) can experience cool John Deere machines up close, learn about what they do, and try out interactive hands-on exhibits.

    The House on the Rock

     (918.9 mi)

    $28.95/adult, $15.95/age 7+

    Kristy Pepping:  This epic roadside attraction is worth a pit stop with kids when you have a few hours to spare. The original house (built as a weekend retreat) has grown into a complex filled to the brim with amazing curiosities like the world's largest carousel, a 200-foot sea creature, a doll house room and automated music machines.

    Ulysses S. Grant Home

     (925.2 mi)

    $5/adult, $3/child

    Tim Ponisciak:  Kids studying the Civil War will get a kick out of visiting the home where General Grant lived prior to becoming President. Today, the home is decorated to look as it might have back in the 1860s.

    Field of Dreams Movie Site

     (968.9 mi)


    Tim Ponisciak:  Pack a baseball and your gloves for a catch as you explore the beautifully-maintained grounds of the classic sports movie. Home tours are offered for a fee, but make sure to book those in advance.

    American Gothic House & Center

     (1027.5 mi)


    Kristy Pepping:  View the exterior of the house that inspired Grant Wood to paint American Gothic, and borrow a pitchfork to pose for your own family picture while you're there! There is an exhibit gallery in the adjacent visitor center.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder Home

     (1052.4 mi)

    $18/adult, $8/child

    Kelly R.:  Fans of classic children's lit will love visiting the spot that inspired the Little House books and touring the historic Laura Ingalls Wilder home and museum.

    Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

     (1101.9 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Bass Pro's enormous flagship store is a must-visit pitstop if you're passing through Springfield. You can easily kill a few hours (or more) exploring the large aquariums, in-store swamp with alligators, animal displays, food options and museum exhibits. The terrific Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium is here, too, but does have an admission fee.

    SPAM Museum

     (1118.6 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Make a pit stop at the friendly and entertaining SPAM Museum to enjoy the interactive exhibits (including a kids play area), a free guided tour, and pick up some SPAM souvenirs.

    Crater of Diamonds State Park

     (1172.8 mi)

    $10/adult, $6/age 6+

    Kristy Pepping:  Search for diamonds and other gemstones at this ancient volcanic crater where the policy is "finders, keepers!"

    Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

     (1191.6 mi)

    April 1-October 31

    $3/person (includes most activities)

    Hannah Scott:  Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead is a hidden treasure tucked away just outside Kansas City. You'll discover endless possibilities for exploration, including a butterfly garden, turkey coop, dairy barn, water play area, fishing pond, farm animals, duck pond, blacksmith shop, mining camp, wagon rides, and more (if you can believe it!)

    Blue Whale of Catoosa

     (1278.4 mi)


    Kelly R.:  This smiling waterfront whale in Oklahoma is one of the most popular pitstops for kids along historic route 66. Originally a gift from a retired zookeeper to his wife, the concrete whale still welcomes families to explore and peek out of its portholes (though swimming is no longer allowed).

    Gathering Place

     (1296.4 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Don't drive through Tulsa without a pit stop at the Gathering Place, an incredible riverfront park in Tulsa with an amazing adventure playground that you have to see to believe. There are also gardens, water play, restrooms and multiple dining options.

    Oz Museum

     (1302.6 mi)

    $10/adult, $8/child

    Kelly R.:  This museum is a perfect pitstop for kids and adults who love The Wizard of Oz. It's filled with artifacts and memorabilia from the movies, musicals and books.

    K-State Insect Zoo

     (1321.9 mi)


    Kelly R.:  This Kansas State University gem is a memorable (and affordable) pitstop for kids who are into bugs! The zoo features live insect exhibits including giant cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas and an observation beehive.

    Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Statues

     (1337.4 mi)


    Kelly R.:  One of the most-photographed roadside attractions in the US, these statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe have loomed large in Bemidji since 1937. The lakefront location, visitor center and adjacent park make this a great pit stop for kids.

    Geographic Center of the United States

     (1457.3 mi)


    Kristy Pepping:  The center of the US (contiguous 48) is located about two miles northwest of Lebanon, Kansas. If you are driving through the area, it's worth the pit stop for kids to sign the guest register and read notes left by past visitors.

    Corn Palace

     (1457.7 mi)


    Stephanie W.:  The outside of this building is decorated with colorful corn cobs as murals that change yearly. Tours are free and it's open all year, making it one of the must-see pit stops for kids when you're visiting South Dakota.

    San Antonio River Walk

     (1598.8 mi)


    Nancy L.:  The River Walk is 15 miles long and such a fun thing to do in San Antonio. It is a public park so it is free to visit. There's a host of stores, attractions, activities and restaurants, so the amount of time and money you spend on your pit stop are up to you.

    Cadillac Ranch

     (1717.3 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Snap a family photo at this iconic spot where a line of wildly-decorated Cadillacs are buried nose first in the ground. You can even bring spray paint to leave your mark while you're there.

    Wall Drug

     (1747.1 mi)


    Tim Ponisciak:  What started as a simple drug store has grown to be one of the biggest tourist attractions in South Dakota! Make a pit stop for some homemade donuts, ice cream or ride the giant jackelope in the back! You really can't avoid the signs on your drive out to Mount Rushmore or when visiting South Dakota with kids.


     (1769.0 mi)


    Kristy Pepping:  One of the best pit stops for kids who love cars, 39 automobiles are placed in a 96 foot circle that mimics Stonehenge.

    UFO Watchtower

     (1967.8 mi)

    $2/person or $5/car

    Kristy Pepping:  This quirky roadside attraction invites curious visitors to scan the sky for UFOs from its observation platform with 360-degree views of the San Luis Valley.

    White Sands National Park

     (2059.7 mi)


    Shila:  The blue sky against bright white gypsum sand dunes is a beautiful sight to see, whether you have time to linger for hours or just a quick pitstop. The park offers wide open space for family-friendly play and picnics, and you can even rent sleds at the visitor center!

    Meteor Crater

     (2338.0 mi)

    $22+/adult, $13+/child

    Kristy Pepping:  Take a pit stop at the world's best-preserved impact site, where a meteorite hit Earth 50,000 years ago. There are indoor and outdoor observation points, a 4D theater, and an interactive Discovery Center.

    Biosphere 2

     (2351.5 mi)

    $25/adult, $15/child

    Kristy Pepping:  The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 researches global climate issues, with 5 ecosystems housed in a fully controlled environment. App-guided tours last a little over an hour. This is a great road trip pit stop if your kids are interested in science.

    Montezuma Castle National Monument

     (2397.6 mi)

    $10/adult, kids free

    Shila:  Montezuma Castle is a five-story Native American dwelling built into towering limestone cliffs, viewable from a pleasant 1/3 mile loop trail. Entrance to the nearby Montezuma Well, located 15-20 minutes north, is free.

    Cabazon Dinosaurs

     (2742.2 mi)

    $15/adult, $13/child

    Kristy Pepping:  Don't miss this pit stop for kids who love dinosaurs when you're visiting Los Angeles! Remember them from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure? The park includes a dinosaur walk, dino dig, fossil panning and access to climb inside Mr. Rex all the way up to his mouth.

    Jelly Belly Factory Tour

     (3086.6 mi)

    $5/adult, $2/child

    Kelly R.:  The Jelly Belly Factory offers one of the sweetest pit stops for kids! Self-guided tours include interactive exhibits and an elevated 1/4 mile tour lane with a view of the candy being made.

    Bigfoot Discovery Museum

     (3088.8 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Come with an open mind and check out this small museum in the Santa Cruz mountains that's chock full of Bigfoot evidence, lore and quirky memorabilia. Admission is free, but donations keep the museum afloat.

    Charles M. Schulz Museum

     (3131.8 mi)

    $12/adult, $5/child

    Nancy L.:  This museum celebrates Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, with a collection of the original comic strips, interactive experiences where guests can try their own hand at cartooning, and a theater where visitors can learn more about Schulz or enjoy some of the classic cartoons.

    Tillamook Creamery

     (3239.0 mi)


    Kelly R.:  Check out a farm exhibit that teaches how Tillamook's cows are cared for and milked, take a self-guided tour of the cheese factory, and stay for a meal or a scoop of ice cream.

    Prehistoric Gardens

     (3255.4 mi)

    Kelly R.:  There are 23 dinosaur replicas to discover on a self-guided forest tour at this fun coastal Oregon roadside attraction. It's cool to get a feel for how large these dinosaurs really were, as the models are designed true-to-life based on mounted fossil skeletons at some of the best dinosaur museums in the US.

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